Parks & Rec Agenda July 1, 2020

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Parks and Recreation Committee Agenda for 7/01/2020

Meeting time is 7:00 – 9:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.               

  • 7:00 pm: Call the meeting to order.
  • Minutes from 6/03/2020 meeting (Ruth).
  • Information from monthly Helena Twp. Mtg. (Bonnie/Jim/Ruth).



  1. Soil Erosion at the Ball Park: Heidi Shaffer will contact EGLE to discuss what might be needed for this project if we include excavation for a beach area. Barry agreed to pursue getting estimates of costs for shoreline stabilization. Heidi provided a list of local service providers. Ruth will follow up with Heidi about contacting EGLE to see what is involved with moving dirt from the RR grade to the ditch to the East.(Barry, Ruth).            
  2. 5.     Capital Improvement Plan (CIP):

Software is here. Dell is still working with developer to learn program and work out kinks.(Dell)

Limit scope of CIP to Parks and Recreation jurisdictions only.

                                Ball Park: Snyder/Westerman,        Coy Mtn: Dell,     Comm. Cntr: Robbins,       Depot Park: Loveland

                                Road Endings: Robbins/Gurr,           Safe Harbor & Archie Valleau Landing: Smith,

                                Tennis Court Park: Smith,                 Water Trails: Dell

                Include the following items for discussion and add any items identified by P&R or the board.

–               For each park, road end and water trail site, inventory all items in the asset.

–               For each item in the asset, determine date acquired (age), current condition, useful life of item and date it may M

–               For each item in the asset, assign a number to identify that item and mark it with a permanent marker on a part of the item that is protected from the weather. Use this identifying number when describing the item in your assessment sheet.(NEW)

                –               For each asset, identify future projects and compile a budget and date of implementation.

                –               For each asset, identify future costs to replace each item inventoried and date replacement needed.

                –               For each asset, do an assessment of the handicap access.(NEW)

                –               Identify funding sources for any projects planned for that site.(NEW)

                –               Other:

                Bonnie has agreed to input data initially on the CIP computer program and maintain the data going forward.  Computer software for CIP program will be delivered in June.(Dell)

  1. Parking issues at safe harbor. Parking plan received. It will be presented to the township board with a recommendation from P&R that it be approved.(Barry, Ruth)(JULY)
  2. Signage for Coy Mountain Preserve.

         Signs are here and will be installed on July 7 by Ken Masck, Bob Logee, Steve Lagerquist, Steve Dell, Ruth Smith, and anyone else who wants to help. (Bonnie, Jan,Ruth,Laura,Barry,Jim,Steve)(JULY)




  1. Depot Park (Jan)
  2. Recognition of volunteers who worked on Coy Mtn. trail redo. An article in one or more of the papers was the

                suggestion the committee liked best(Jan)(AUGUST)

  1. Celebration of the completion of the Coy Mountain Preserve trail redo (Jan) (AUGUST)
  2.   Tri-fold brochure and some “high-tech” chips telling our parks and community events. (Bonnie, Jan)(JULY)
  3. Antrim County is updating its Community Park and Recreation Plan. The goal of the plan is to inventory existing facilities

                and resources, identify community recreation and open space needs, and set a 5-year plan of action for these spaces.

                You can take the survey at      


FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS                                       


  1. Annual assessment of Coy Mountain Trails and trees that need cutting and report to Twp. Board (Steve, Ruth)(NOV)
  2. Annual review of the Parks and Recreation website (Ruth, Steve) (SEPT of each year)
  3. Do budget for P&R to take to the township.(MARCH)