Parks & Recreation Minutes – August 8, 2016

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 08/08/2016 Approved 9-12-2016

In attendance at Depot Park:, Steve Dell, , Brad Gerlach, Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Dave Peterson, & Ruth Smith. Absent: Mike Crawford, & Ken Masck. 1. Community Input – None

2. Minutes from the 07/11/2016 meeting were reviewed and approved as presented. They will be published online.

3. Information from the monthly Helena Twp. Mtg The HT Board approved the sheriff’s dept. mooring a boat at the Safe Harbor. Sheriff Bean is working on having an appropriate ticket produced for any violations of the no overnight mooring at Safe Harbor. The Board approved placement of the three “walk the trail at your own risk” signs at Coy Mt.


4. Recreational Passport Grant from DNR – tennis court resurface + sidewalk: The resurface and sidewalk have been completed. Our project engineer will need to review that they comply with contract specifications.

5. The kayak launch and erosion abatement project at Ball Park. The kayak launch has been installed. We will discuss needs at Ball Park during our next P&R Meeting. 6. Requests for Memorials: Jan discussed the idea of appropriate memorials and also of possible fund raisers using bricks to be installed at Depot Park. The thought is that people could buy bricks much as they do boards at Dock Side This was seen as a possibility in the future. Dave will bring information on availability & costs of different tables and benches and work on a memorial policy to present at the Sept. meeting.

7. Moving rocks to Safe Harbor. Mike was not available to report. Some small rocks have been tossed up onto the dock.

8. Improved drainage for tennis courts. It is felt the best low cost solution for better drainage is to remove grass and dirt to lower the surface around the courts and then reseed this fall. 2

Pk & Rec. Committee Minutes for 08/08/2016 continued Approved 9-12-2016


9. Volunteer hold harmless form. Two possible hold harmless forms were presented. The hold harmless form using verbiage from the forms already on file with HT was chosen. It was decided that the form would also have a place to gather contact information for each volunteer.

10. Revision of our five-year-plan.

The current five year Depot Park plan was reviewed and suggestions were made for goals and objectives to be included in the next five year plan. There were no major changes. We will ask for help from the Disability Network staff to improve compliance with ADA laws.


The soil under the Safe Harbor dock is being washed out and the surface cement is dropping / slanting. Brad is to talk with Heidi about this and will discuss the possibility of involving the DNR as a resource.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for: Monday, September 12th, 2016 – 7pm at Ball Park beach. respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 09-01-2016