Planning Commission Minutes Special Use Permit 5/17/2018

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Finding of Fact Record

Special Use Permit

Chapter 6

Section 6.03Standards for Approval of Special Use Permit.

6.03.01– Standards Applicable to All Special Uses

The Planning Commission shall recommend and the Township Board shall approve, or approve with conditions, an application for a Special Use Permit only upon a finding that the proposed project complies with all of the following standards:

Section 6.03.01

A.  The property subject to the application is located in a zoning district in which the proposed   use is allowed.  __X_YES     ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

B. The proposed use will not involve uses, activities, processes, materials, or equipment that will create a substantially negative impact on the natural resources of the township or the natural environment as a whole.   __X_YES      ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

C. The proposed use will not involve uses, activities, processes, materials, or equipment that will create a substantially negative impact on other conforming properties in the area by reason of traffic, noise, smoke, fumes, glare, odors, or the accumulation of scrap material that can be seen from any public highway or seen from any adjoining land owned by another person.__X_YES      ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

D. The proposed use will be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained so as not to diminish the opportunity for surrounding properties to be used and developed as zoned. __X_YES      ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

E. The proposed use will not place demands on fire, police, or other public resources in excess of current capacity.  __X_YES      ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

F. The proposed use will be adequately served by public or private streets, water and sewer facilities, and refuse collection and disposal services. ___YES         ___ NO   __X_ Not Applicabl

G. The proposed Site Plan meets the standards in Chapter 7 of this Ordinance.  __X_YES      ___ NO

H. The proposed use complies with all specific standards required under this Ordinance applicable to it. __X_YES      ___ NO   ___ Not Applicable

I.  If the proposed use poses a significant risk of environmental contamination, the applicant has agreed to obtain liability insurance covering the cost of clean-up and the damages that the Township and its residents would suffer if the contamination occurred. ___YES         ___ NO   __X_ Not Applicable

Section 6.03.02 – Additional Standards

A.  In addition to the standards above, and in order to find that Section 6.03.01(G) is met, the proposed use must meet any additional applicable standards required by this Ordinance for that specific use.

Section 6.04 – Completion RequiredThe Special Use Permit approval shall expire unless the construction and/or use authorized by the Special Use Permit has begun within 365 days of approval. Thirty days prior to expiration of a Special Use Permit approval, an applicant may make application to the Township Board for a one year extension of the Special Use Permit at no fee. The Township Board shall grant the requested extension for an additional one year, if it finds good cause for the extension and that the zoning regulations governing the Special Use Permit approval have not changed since the approval.

 Based on the above findings of fact a motion to:

__X__Recommend to Township Board for Approval

____Not Recommend Approval by Township Board

____Refer Back to Zoning Administrator


Motion by:                 ____Mike Robinson___________

Supported by:          ____Joe Bassil_______________

Vote: __5__Yes                   __0__No

Motion carried ( Yes / No)              Date: __5-17-2018________________________

Applicant Name/Parcel #   Christine McCool   05-08-004-003-00