Board Minutes January 11 2024

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Helena Township Board Meeting January 11th, 2024

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Peeples. Members present were Butch
Peeples, Cathy Rice, Butch Bartz, Bonnie Robbins and David Peterson. Motion by Robbins to
approve the agenda as submitted, supported by Rice and approved. Motion by Robbins to
approve the December 14th meeting minutes as submitted, supported by Bartz and approved.

Conflict of Interest: None

Treasurer’s Report: beginning balance December 1st, 2023 is $367,785.38
Total receipts: $283,522.49 and total disbursements: $32,937.67
Ending balance December 31, 2023 is $618,370.20
Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Robbins, supported by Bartz and approved.

Presentation of Bills: December 1-31; $21,875.55 and January 1-11; $2,902.71

Community Services Reports:  Fire Chief/Sheriff Report: South Torch Lake Fire & Rescue report from Chief Paul Fabiano, AC Sheriff report from Kevin Hoch, County Commissioner report from Terry VanAlstine, Township Ambulance Authority report from Rick Teague. All reports are linked with the minutes on the township website,

Resolution 01112024, with Antrim County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Robbins made the motion to
accept plan with support from Bartz. Roll call vote: all 5 board members – yes votes.

Communications: None

Zoning: Reviewed Bob Logee’s zoning report

Parks & Rec: Five year plan is being reviewed by the county planning commission and
Mancelona Public Schools. It will be presented to the board after their review.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported the final draft of the updated master plan is available
on the website.

Roads: Bartz presented recommendations from Burt Thompson, manager Antrim County Road
Commission, for the following roads and estimated costs; Alden Meadows $57,000, McPherson
Rd. Alden Hwy. to Helena Rd. $81,000, Antrim Street, E. Torch Lakr Dr. to Franklin $2500,
Franklin St., E. Torch Lake Dr. to Smalley $7000, Smalley St., Helena to Valley $10,000, Valley St.,
E. Torch lake Dr. to county line $71,000, Terrace St. $10,000, Paige Rd. E. Torch lake Dr. to
Chapman $30,000, N. Lake St./Elder Rd. $18,000.

New Business: None

Old Business: Reviewed estimate for $360, from Preferred Maintenance Services for labor on
the front foyer refresh. The township will cover material costs. Motion by Rice and supported
by Robbins and motion passed.
Supervisor Peeples contacted electrician about repairing/replacing ceiling fan in gym.
Reviewed estimate from preferred Maintenance Services for labor on remodeling the kitchen
$4500 to $5500. Materials cost will be covered by the township. Rice made the motion and
supported by Robbins and motion passed.

Announcements: None

Motion to pay bills: Robbins made the motion to pay the bills, supported by Bartz. All present
voted yes, motion carried.

Speakers: None

Public Comment: Jim Gurr commented.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 8:06 PM.
Prepared by Helena Township Clerk: David Peterson

Treasurer’s Report Dec 2023

Commissioner report January 2024

FD Report December 2023

FD Year End Report 2023

Sheriff Report December 2023

Township Ambulance Authority Information Report Jan 2024