Township Board Minutes – June 11, 2009

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Helena Township Board Meeting

June 11, 2009

     The meeting was called to order at 7pm, by Supervisor Wagner.  The pledge of allegiance was said.  Present: Rice, Frank, Wagner, Teague, Gurr.

Audience: 11.

Motion to approve agenda with changes by Gurr, support Rice, all in favor.

Public comment: none.

Motion to approve minutes of May 14th meeting by Teague, support Gurr,

all in favor.

Treasurer’s report: Library May beginning balance $ 82,493.16

Receipts                               603.12

Disbursements                       8,260.78

Ending balance 5-31-09      $ 74,835.50

CD                                   46,417.12

CD                                    15,379.41

Total asset availability          $ 136,623.03


Helena Township May beginning balance $ 352,987.14

Receipts                  7,456.84

Disbursements                  37,699.36

May ending balance            $ 322,744.62.

Motions to approve as presented by Wagner support Frank, all in favor.

Presentation of bills: May in addition Township $ 7,299.85

Library           180.02

June Township                  $ 26,152.71

Library                        11,152.05

Speakers: Jay Jacobs, Consumer Energy, motion to approve

renewal of  contract for Electric Franchise by Gurr, support by Wagner,

roll call vote: Rice-yes, Frank-yes, Teague-yes, Gurr-yes, Wagner-yes,

motion carried.

Peg Comfort, motion by Gurr to approve new conditions of demo

project at Valleau Landing, support by Rice, all in favor.

Communications: MTA principals of Governance to be signed by

board members and displayed in township office.

Historical marker location at the Depot, motion by Gurr to approve

Historical Society’s choice for placement, support by Wagner, carried.

E-mail from B. Bockstahler was read by Rice, concerning annual

cleanup, she read letter of response.  Sheriff’s report.

Committee reports: Zoning report by Molby, Planning Commission by

Gurr, Ambulance by Teague.

Old business: none.

New business: D. Reck from Helena Township Library Board reported

their board has voted to hire a bookkeeper.

Announcements: MTA conference in Gaylord was attended by 3 elected

officials of the Helena Township board, lots of information received.

Additional public comment: Lilac bushes are planted across public access,

motion by Rice to give 30 day notice for removal, support Teague, carried.

Motion to pay bills by Gurr, support Teague, carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,


V. Ferol Frank,

Helena Township Clerk