Parks and Recreation Minutes – May 16, 2012

Parks and Recreation Meeting – May 16, 2012                              approved 6-14-’12

4-6 PM at the Alden Community Center


In attendance:

Committee members: Steve Dell, Carolyn Nowfel, Dave Peterson & Ruth Smith

Absent: Mike Crawford & Casey McDowell

Visitors: Harvey Bartel & Jan Loveland


Community Input:

Jan Loveland stated that there are concerns by residents living near Depot Park because of excessive noise after 10 PM. Dave Peterson stated that there is ‘rule’ concerning noise in the Township Parks rules document. Dave also explained that the Township has no way of enforcing the Parks rules as there is no legal law enforcement entity for the Township. Harvey Bartel suggested that a copy of the Parks rules be included with the material given to a person / group applying for a Depot agreement. Dave agreed this was

a good idea and will try to see that this is done going forward.


The minutes from 04-18-12 were reviewed by the Committee and approved.


A discussion was held concerning sending the minutes to the Helena Township Board and also the Community Groups: Alden Volunteers, DABA, The Historic Society, Juniper Club and Friends of the Library. It was decided that after Committee members had a chance to review and comment on the meeting minutes they would be emailed to the Helena Township Board and the community groups.


Carolyn talked with Krista Tremonti about being on the P & R Committee. She was pleased to be asked but did not feel she could devote the time with three active HS students in the family. Carolyn also talked with Erin John who was interested but has

two active pre school children. Carolyn also talked with Harvey Bartel and Jan Loveland who were in attendance. They are both willing to join the P & R Committee and Dave is going to recommend to the Board that they be approved as P & R members.


Dave reported on the Coy Mountain Potluck & Garlic Mustard Hunt.

About nine people participated in the Garlic Mustard pull. Pizza, salad and desert were served and then the group moved to Coy’s Mountain. Others joined in there for the pull. Dave recommended to the Township Bd. That a crew be hired to weed whip the huge amount of Garlic Mustard on the ridge. He was told there was no money for this in the general budget from which P & R money would come.


The possibility of enlarging community involvement with the Mustard Garlic pull was discussed. The general feeling was that the P & R Comm. will try to continue and enhance the eradication efforts next year. This item will be put on the Action Plan for further discussion March of 2013.


The wood chips in the parking lot at Coy’s Mountain were discussed. Reporter, Linda Gallagher, had said at the last Twn. Meeting that she had heard that the Co. Forester,

Parks and Recreation Meeting – May 16, 2012   continued


had the wood chips delivered to Coy’s Mountain. The Comm. decided to recommend to the Twn. Board that the chips be moved behind the fence & that the chips be advertised as available to the public. It was also thought that the Board should talk with Mike Meriwether to let him know that they would like to coordinate (or have P & R ) coordinate any future deliveries of wood chips.


The process by which P & R makes recommendations to the Board was discussed. It was decided that each issue to be presented to the Board should be done in a separate Memo. Information about the situation is to be given along with a recommendation. The board will be asked to take action on the recommendation. At this time we will work on recommendations concerning: the procedure to be followed when a memorandum of understanding is received, ‘dealing with’ wood chips at Coy’s Mt, & exploring the status of whether Twn. Insurance will cover volunteers working at the Coy’s Mt. property.


The possibility of purchasing some toddler playground equipment for the Tennis Court Park was discussed. Jan Loveland is to look in to possible play ground equipment and bring back a report to the Committee. There will be further discussion in June.


A new agenda item concerned whether people who gave monies to the Twn. for new tennis courts could do so with it being tax exempt. Dave said that it was his understanding that although the township is tax exempt, as a government agency, monies given to the township would not be tax exempt. Dave stated he believes there is approximately $5,000 in the tennis court funds given to the Twn. by Tom Comfort. This money is to be administered by the Twn..


Action Items from the April 18th meeting.



The tractor is still ready if the Twn. Wants the wood chips moved behind the fence.
After further discussion Steve will look over the new plan and insert census information where Carolyn has indicated a need for this information.
An updated Recreation Inventory has been sent to Carolyn. Steve asked for Committee input concerning identifying the type of Park. This was discussed with decisions made concerning each Park.



Carolyn made several community contacts. Dave Peterson will be recommending to the Twn. Board that Jan Loveland and Harvey Bartel be appointed to the P & R Committee.
Carolyn has been working on typing the new Five Year Plan and will continue to do so.



Parks and Recreation Meeting – May 16, 2012 continued

Action Items from the April 18th meeting.


Dave is working with Bonnie Robins, deputy Clerk. She is currently working with COLI to see if we can get a better working relationship so that we can keep P & R information current.


No action taken yet on document concerning finances for the new P & R plan. There is a Twn. meeting concerning next year’s budget 6-19-12. Dave will present the need for a line item budget for P & R at that meeting. After this meeting Dave will create a document concerning P & R finances for the Five Year Plan.

Budget Sources – still needs to review
Dave has worked to creating a map of all Township Parks and road endings. It will be made available this Summer. This map is to be included in the Five Year Plan.



Mike did respond with days / times he might be able to attend the P & R meetings. The decision was made to continue the P & R meetings on the third Wednesday of each month. They will be scheduled for two hours and will now begin at 3 PM.


Information was received concerning MI Natural Resources Trust Fund Grants that Helena Twn. has received. This was given to Carolyn.


Some work was done on the Volunteer list. Committee suggestions were given and will be incorporated into this document.


Agenda Items carried forward to the next meeting:

  1. An assessment of the accessibility of each park to people with disabilities. Include each facility and the access routes to get to them. Consult appendix B and D, and then use ranking system for each park.


  1. Resource inventory of lands we want to protect or use for future development (optional). Do we want to include this in our plan? If so plan to accomplish it.


3, Review and status report on 5-year- plan completion.


  1. Possibly – decide on a format for providing information and divide up the Parks to present the information needed in the Five Year Plan???




Parks and Recreation Meeting – May 16, 2012 continued

Action Items from 5-15-2012 meeting:


To continue typing the Five Year Plan


Will recommend to the Township Board that Jan Loveland and Harvey Bartel be appointed to the P & R Committee.


There is a Township meeting June 19th concerning next year’s budget (begins July 2012). Dave will present the need for a line item budget for P & R. After this meeting Dave will create a document concerning P & R finances to be used in the Five Year Plan.
Budget Sources – still needs to review


Harvey: nothing at this time


Will research toddler play ground equipment and report back at the June meeting.

Will draft a memo asking for action by the township concerning the wood chips at Coy’s Mountain. The P & R Committee will review this memo. (Be more specific???)



To let Mike Crawford know we will meet the 3rd Wed. 3-5 pm.

Contact Casey to see if there is a password we need. Ask Casey for advice on working with COLI to keep the P & R information updated on the website.
To contact Christie Bayus (DNR) to clarify whether the grant for Alden Safe Harbor needs to be included with MI Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant funded projects.


Complete minutes & ask for input / corrections / clarifications from the Committee.

After the Committee has had a chance for input send the minutes to the Twn. Board, Alden Volunteers, DABA, Historical Society, Juniper Club, and Friends of the Library.

Draft a memo asking the board for action concerning the P & R recommendation on the procedure to be used when the Township receives a memorandum of understanding. The P & R Committee will review this memo.


Will input census data into the areas that Carolyn has indicated need census information in the “new” plan.
Will draft a memo requesting action by the township concerning investigating liability coverage for volunteers working on Township property . The P & R Committee will review this memo.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith