Parks & Rec Aug 3, 2022

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 8/3/22
In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Ruth Smith, Brian Apley & Barry Snyder
Absent: Jan Loveland, Bonnie Robbins
Non-members in attendance: Jeanne Peeples, Butch Peeples, Amy Paul

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm
  2. The meeting minutes from 07/06/22approved & will be published on the HT website.
  3. Information from the June HT Board Meetings: Butch shared that there will perhaps be up to
    $20K set aside in the township budget for pavilions at the ballpark and tennis court. He
    suggested that the P/R committee begin to develop a plan for these pavilions and be ready to
    submit by September.
  4. Public Comment – Amy Paul requested to join to the P/R committee with Ruth retiring – this
    was unanimously agreed opon by the committee, and will be brought forward to the township
    board meeting in August.
    Amy Paul – question on timeline of bringing proposal for pavilions forward to board to butchbutch answered, no real timeline, basic questions are size, cost, construction timing.
  5. Soil Erosion at the Ball Diamond Park. barry – Haven’t had a chance to update prints and
    plans – Kyle Williams (the new DNR officer replacing Heidi). should be reached out to for rolling
    over the permits
    6.Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). -Ruth/Steve have entered Tennis Court Park. The asset tags should be recorded in the sheet with condition report. Brian will hand out new assignments for each park to P/R members.
  1. Coy Mountain celebration – the day went off flawlessly, Ruth estimates over 60 attendees. Per Ruth, the tone of the day was great, recognition of all past and present that worked on Coy Mtn.
  2. Site Plan – Barry is working on site plan for updates
  3. Repainting/surface repair at tennis ct park
    Per Steve- surface is rough – requesting to get estimates on resurfacing – will also determine
    options for drainage
  4. Recognition of Ruth Smith – Ruth has been on P/R since 2011. A few of her many highlightsThanks Ruth!!
    -Worked on the 1st 5 year P/R plan
    -DNR trust fund grant to refurb alden tennis courts
    -Brought Pickleball into the community center
    -funded the PB nets and had permanent lines put in
    -Completion of 2nd 5 year plan
    -Redo of Coy Mtn trails – grand traverse regional land con- purchase several more acres
    -Toddler playground
    Respectfully submitted by Brian Apley on September 6, 2022