Parks & Rec July 3, 2019 Agenda

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Parks and Recreation Committee Agenda for 07/03/2019

Meeting time is 7:00 – 9:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.               

  • Community input
  • Minutes from 06/05/2019 meeting (Ruth).
  • Information from monthly Helena Twp. Mtg. (Bonnie/Jim/Ruth).



  1. Recommendation to board that they authorize Heidi Shaffer to work with us to request a permit for an erosion control project at Ball Park. Possible problem with deed restriction that would prohibit this work. Do we proceed with this project? Heidi to present.(Ruth)
  2. Update on GTRLC/Helena Twp. Coy Mtn project. (Steve, Ruth).
  3. GTRLC wants to know how much the township can provide for this project. What steps do we take to determine this? Need to get back to GTRLC to give them a dollar amount.

Review appraisals provided by GTRLC. Need to review GT Regional Land Conservancy draft partnership agreement with Helena Township, using the “Application for Project” review process. (Dell,Smith)       

  1. 5-year-plan approved by Twp. Board submitted to DNR on 7/27/2018.  Waiting on approval.    We still have not received an update. What is the best way to move this forward? (Steve)            
  2. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP): (Dell)

Limit scope of CIP to Parks and Recreation jurisdictions only

Ball Park: Westerman,       Coy Mtn: Dell,     Comm. Cntr: Robbins,       Depot Park: Loveland

Road Endings: Robbins/Gurr,           Safe Harbor & Archie Valleau Landing: Smith,

Tennis Court Park: Smith,                 Water Trails: Dell

                Dell will meet with each township board member and Mike Crawford to get their input on the CIP project.

                Include the following items for discussion and add any items identified by Mike or the board.

–               For each park, road end and water trail site, inventory all items in the asset.

–               For each item in the asset, determine date acquired (age), current condition, useful life of item and date it may need to be replaced (use Mike to help with this)

–               For each asset, identify future projects and compile a budget and date of implementation.

–               For each asset, identify future costs to replace each item inventoried and date replacement needed.

–               For each asset, do an assessment of the handicap access.(NEW)

–               Identify funding sources for any projects planned for that site.(NEW)

–               Other:

                After meeting with board and Mike, Dell will do check sheet for committee members to use when assessing each park.

               Still need to meet with Butch Bartz to complete interview phase of this project.


  1. Tri-fold brochure and some “high-tech” chips telling about our parks and community events. (Bonnie, Jan)(JUNE)
  2. Are these tasks complete. If so, do we need to write up a formal summary addressing all the items below and present it to the board?

Reaching agreement between P&R and Twp. Board on goals for Coy Mtn. as first step in developing management plan.(JULY)

               Coy Mountain forest management: We were asked by the Helena Twp. Board to come up with a forest plan for Coy Mtn. (See the March 2016 meeting minutes for specifics). Our current plan involves the following activities:

  1. Come up with a plan for forest management and an improved trail system. This might involve bringing in an   ecologist, asking Mike Meriwether to speak to us, or both.
  2. If the committee reworks the trail system before the overall forest management plan is completed, we may present it to the HT Board separately.
  3. After our Forest Management Plan for Coy Mtn. is completed, it will be taken to HT Board for review and action.


  1. Handicap access in Helena Township (Discussion). (TO BE DISCUSSED WHEN WE REVIEW EACH PARK)    
  2. Annual review of the Parks and Recreation Committee website (Steve/Ruth) (SEPT OF EACH YEAR)