Parks & Rec June 7, 2023

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June 7 2023 Parks/Rec meeting


Present- Jim Gurr, Steve Dell, Barry Snyder, Amy Paul, Bonnie Robbins, Jan Loveland (7:19)

Absent:  Brian Apley,

Public- Butch Peeples


  1. call to order @ 7:00pm
  1. No minutes presented.  Robbins will bring to July meeting along with June meeting minutes.
  1. Helena Township board meeting- The board was given photos to show stairs and work done at Lone Tree Point.  Discussion of Sparks grant scoring and work to be done by P & R to improve the scores.  Board approved drive improvements to Ball Diamond and Depot Parks.  Black dirt for Depot Park was approved.  It will be used where volleyball court was removed.  It will be taken from a pile at the ball diamond or purchased per bid.
  1. public comment – none
  2. No update on CIP –
  1. Spark Grants discussion.  Jennifer Graham made suggestions to boost the scores.  Difference in scores and grant proposals from surrounding communities that were approved is possibly based on time to complete project and number of permits required.  Robbins will send the contract for ball park rentals.  Discussion of additional information to be submitted on second round.  Correction of spelling and grammar errors in the first application and the impact on scoring.  Alden Racquet Sports Club will donate $6000 to Tennis Court improvement if grant is approved.
  2. Lone Tree Point – Update on work done.
  3. Pavilion at Tennis Court Pavilion- no updates
  4. Depot Park Upgrades – entrance upgrade and black dirt approved by board.  Peeples will schedule work as rental and park use allows.
  5. 5 year plan 2024-2029 – No work done at this meeting.



Adjourned 8.00 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Bonnie Robbins