Parks & Rec Minutes April 3, 2019

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 04/03/2019                       Approved 5-1-2019 In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins, Ruth Smith, & Laura Westerman, Absent: Jan Loveland

  • Community input: None.
    Minutes from the 03/06/2019 meeting were approved as presented & will be published on the HT website
  • Information from the March Helena Twp. Mtg.:


    1. Cathy Rice again brought up the idea of better designed garbage containers for the ‘down town’ parks. She recommended that five containers designed to keep out water and, hopefully, limit the depositing of household trash be purchased. Two would be placed at tennis court park, two at depot park and one at the Safe Harbor. This was approved. Mike Crawford is to work with DABA to choose the color and encourage DABA to purchase this style of container also. OLD BUSINESS:
  • Update on GTRLC/ Helena Twp. Coy Mtn. Trail project. Steve has been in touch with Steve Lagerquist. Sunset Tree Removal gave a $1,200.00 estimate to have the identified trees cut near the Coy Mt. Trail. Proof of liability insurance has been provided. This information will be presented to the HT Board at their next meeting with a recommendation that the work be approved.
  • 5-Yr. Plan – All documents needed for the Five Yr. Plan have been updated to the DNR website. Steve has requested that Tamara Jorkasky, our advisor at DNR, review the Five Yr. Plan as uploaded and to let him know if anything further is needed.
  • Erosion at the Ball Park. David Spieser sent Information concerning the work his company does and this was reviewed by the committee. Steve Dell will coordinate a time for David to visit the Ball Park when Heidi Shaffer, soil erosion officer, & at least one P&R committee member are also available. Ideas concerning erosion control will be discussed.
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP): We will limit the scope of our CIP to Parks and Recreation jurisdictions only. Parks, Road Ends, and water trails were ‘assigned’ to committee members as follows: Ball Park – Laura Westerman, Coy Mt. – Steve Dell, Community Center – Bonnie Robbins, Depot Park – Jan Loveland, Road Endings – Bonnie Robbins & Jim Gurr, Safe Harbor & Archie Valleau Landing – Ruth Smith, Tennis Court Park – Ruth Smith, Water Trails – Steve Dell. Steve will meet with each township board member and Mike Crawford to get their input on the CIP project.


P&R Committee Minutes for 04/03/2019 continued.                                     Approved 5-1-2019

  1. Continued. The following items will be included for discussion and any items identified by Mike or the board will be added. – For each park, road end, and water trail site, inventory all items in the asset.

          For each item in the asset, determine date acquired (age), current condition, useful life of item and date it may need to be replaced (use Mike to help with this)

            –           For each asset, identify future projects and compile a budget and date of implementation.

            –           For each asset, identify future costs to replace each item inventoried and date replacement needed.

            –           Other: After meeting with Township Board members & Mike Crawford, Dell will do a check sheet for committee members to use when assessing each park. The idea of including an evaluation of accessibility and possible updates needed to make the site as accessible as possible was discussed.



Budget: For next year (due in May for June budget review) – prepare a budget to present to the HT board to be included in their July 2019 -June 2020 budget. There was some discussion. To be moved to the May agenda.


  • Memorial donations to Helena Township There was some discussion on memorial donations and a possible procedure or policy. To be moved to the May agenda.
  • Do regular (monthly, quarterly?) publicity for parks and recreation committee projects. This was discussed and will also be moved to the May agenda.
  • Tri-fold brochures and some “high-tech” chips telling about our parks and community events. This was discussed and will be also moved to the May agenda. Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 04/04/2019                             


  1. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 7pm in the meeting room at the Community Bldg.