Parks & Rec Minutes August 2, 2023

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August 2023 Parks/Rec meeting
Present- Gurr, Snyder, Dell, Apley , Loveland, Robbins
Absent- Paul
Public – Butch Peeples
1. Call to order 7:00pm
2. Minutes approved as presented
3. Township Meeting Update – LTP was finished, Asphalt done at diamond and 1/2 of depot, another
1/2 week of July 31. Reported that Ball Diamond has been used almost every day of the summer
4. Public Comment – none
5. CIP – no updates
6. Spark Grant – No Updates
7. Expansion of pavilion at TCP – could potentially source free labor from the STLFRD, potentially
put money into material, add 100amp service from bathroom
8. 5 year Plan – Committee discussed feedback on Survey. Agreed that Bonnie will work to
promote/publicize the survey when released.
9. New Business – Brian presented t-shirt designs, and will bring samples to next meeting.
Adjourned 7:39pm