Parks & Rec Minutes January 3, 2024

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January 3 2024 Parks/Rec meeting minutes

Present – Brian, Jim, Steve

Absent – Amy, Jan, Bonnie, Barry

Public- Butch Peeples

  1. Call to Order 7:07pm 
  2. Review of November meeting minutes – approved 
  3. Information from Helena Township meeting – 5 year plan was approved, next step is for Bonnie and Brian to submit to DNR
  4. Public Comment- none
  5. CIP plan – no update 
  6. Expansion of TCP – no update 
  7. 5 year plan –
  1. Step A (Updated post-completion Self Certification reports) is complete by Steve
  2. Step B (documentation of public involvement) needs to be confirmed by Bonnie and Jan
  3. Step C (Township approval) is completed
  4. Step D (upload to DNR) is next (Brian and Bonnie)
  5. Step E (Respond to Survey Participants) Jan is working on
  1. Meeting with stakeholders- invite Garden Club, Historical Society, Alden Volunteers, DABA people , Ken Mast Coy Mtn, GT Conservancy , next door in circle – Butch recommends we move to April 


Adjourned 7:38pm