Planning Commission Minutes – April 01, 2015

Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

April 01, 2015

Meeting called to order by Gurr (7:06 pm)

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                      Present:            Jim Gurr                  Bob Johnson

Bonnie Robbins      Chris Dewald


Absent:             Ken Renaud            Rodger Dewey

Mike Robinson

Township officials present:                    Guy Molby


Approval of Agenda:  Motion: Robbins, 2nd  Johnson.  Carried

Statement of Conflict of Interest:          None

Approval of Minutes:  March 4, 2015  Motion:  Robbins.  2nd Dewald.  Approved as submitted.

Public Comment:         (3)  Discussion of septic tank inspection on sale or transfer.  Information distributed  to the planning commission members with request to come back and present a more formal request that Helena Township adopt zoning language to address septic inspection.  Planning commission will place this on the agenda for the next regular meeting. (May 6, 2015).

Communications:         None

Old Business: 


Master Plan Review:      Discussion of the topics already identified for review during the zoning ordinance.  Robbins                                            distributed a working copy with notes for discussion and comment at the May meeting.

Fine Language:             Discussion of what Supervisor Teague requests the planning commission considered during                                           discussion of fine language or further need of language review from our legal counsel.  Teague                                       requests we determine the desired outcome of the language and the means and cost of                                                  enforcement the language may create.


New Business:

ZA report

March 2015:  Land Use 3, Field Checks 7 , Attorney Contacts 1 , Public Contacts 12 ,  Zoning Violations 0


Discussion of storage of junk cars and other vehicles.  Dewald read the language from Section 5.01.02.              Agreement that this language addresses the concern.  Topic may be revisited in the future.


Public Comment:  Discussion of improvements on accessory structure and ordinance language that may apply.


Adjourn: Motion Dewald, 2nd Johnson. Carried


Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary