Planning Commission Minutes – June 2, 2016

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Helena Township Planning Commission

June 2, 2016

Gurr called meeting to order at 7:05 pm

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                               Present:                 Jim Gurr                        Bonnie Robbins

Chris Dewald               Bob Johnson

Ken Renaud

Absent:                  Rodger Dewey             Mike Robinson

Township officials present:                               Molby

Approval of Agenda:  Motion: Move Zoning Report under approval of minutes. Robbins, 2nd: Renaud. Carried

Statement of Conflict of Interest: None     

Approval of Minutes:  Motion: Renaud, 2nd Dewald. Carried

New Business:

ZA report

May 2016: Land Use 7, Field Checks 12, Attorney Contacts 0, Public Contacts 14, Zoning Violations 1

Public Comment:               1 present.

Communications:             Gurr reported the ZBA had held their required annual meeting and officers were elected.

Old Business:                    Zoning review:

Item #4  Discussion of section 4.04.01.I regulating use of Recreational vehicles or trailers for camping on a temporary basis and if the township has the means to determine if the vehicle is in violation of the 30 day restriction. Motion by Robbins, support by Dewald to strike the following language: not exceeding 30 days  Motion Carried.

Item #7  Discussion of setbacks on waterways other than Torch or Clam. More definition of intent needed from Mr. Molby and will be reviewed at next meeting.

Item #3  Signs discussion. Concern of lighted signs running when business is not open. Gurr will look into whether the new digital signs can be dimmed easily and bring info to next meeting.

Item #2  Fences. Discussion of whether there is a need for additional regulation on height. Robbins will check the Michigan Township Association site and bring info to next meeting.

Public Comment: None

Adjourn: 7:57 p.m. Motion Johnson, 2nd Dewald. Carried

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins, Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary