Planning Commission Minutes: September 7, 2017

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

September 7, 2017

Meeting called to order by Gurr at 7:00 p.m.

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Jim Gurr Ken Renaud

Joe Bassil, Bonnie Robbins, Laura Westerman, Mike Robinson

Absent: none, one opening for member

Township officials present: Guy Molby

Approval of Agenda: Motion: Robbins, 2nd Renaud. Carried

Statement of Conflict of Interest: None

Approval of Minutes: August 3, 2017 As presented Motion: Renaud, 2nd Westerman. Carried

Public Comment: 2 in attendance, No comments.

Communications: Training available for new dispensary law. Contact office if interested in attending.

Bassil Road communication discussed. Not action from planning commission needed.

New Business: LU 7; FC 11; AC 0; PC 18; ZV 0

Old Business: Public Hearing for shoreline development ordinance language changes.

Regular meeting closed 7:10 p.m

Gurr discussed recommendations from county planning commission. Question of which term to use in defining buffer zone. Depth or distance. Consensus to leave as depth.

County planning commission questioned what the 36” height restriction referred to. Is it from grade or total height of structure?

Trish Narwood, 8214 SETLD, Alden. Concern there is no indication of type of surface for structures. Suggest a consideration of limiting impervious surfaces. Also consider a limitation on size of structures.

David Peterson, Po Box 373, Alden. Concern county official does not have any language about requiring pervious surfaces. Suggest it be included in our language. Size of structure should have limits. Question why 8’ pathway language was not included in update. There needs to be a better definition of land alterations.

Discussion between members, Narwood, Peterson, Molby on the concerns stated.

Public Hearing closed 9:20 p.m.

Continued discussion among commission members to define suggested language changes.

Suggested changes as follows:

Section 4.01.01

“PUD” District reference will be removed.

Section 1.03

Definition of Greenbelt will be replaced with Shoreline Greenbelt Protection Buffer as follows:

A 25’ strip extending across front lot line which features planting, trees, and natural features which prevent erosion.

Section 5.02.02.C will read as follows:

A strip of shoreline buffer shall be maintained to a depth of 25 feet from the high water mark of the inland lakes, rivers, or streams abutting or traversing the property in question. Within such area, no more than 30 percent of all living trees and shrubs shall be removed by cutting them to grade level. The remaining trees and shrubbery may be trimmed and pruned for a view of water from the property.

Land alterations within the shoreline greenbelt protection buffer are subject to the following conditions:

1. Initial contact must be made with Helena Township Zoning Administrator prior to

commencement of any activity

2. A required Helena Township Land Use Permit is subject to the receipt by the Helena

Township Zoning Administrator of an approved plan and permit from the Antrim County Soil

Erosion and Sediment Control Officer.

3. Dimensional and structural conditions as follows:

a. Upper limit of total land alterations within the shoreline greenbelt protection buffer shall

not exceed 15% of the shoreline greenbelt protection buffer. A path or walkway may be

constructed to the water’s edge to a width of eight feet. No continuous concrete path

shall exceed five feet in width.

b. No permanent roofs or canopies.

All other sections and conditions of the ordinance shall remain intact and enforceable.

Motion to recommend adoption of language as written. Robbins, 2nd Renaud. Carried

Public Comment: Molby would like to discuss fines language for projects that start without a permit.

Adjourn: Motion Robbins, 2nd Renaud. Carried

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary