Parks & Rec Agenda

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Parks and Recreation Committee Agenda for 10/02/2019

Meeting time is 7:00 – 9:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.               

  • Community input
  • Minutes from 09/04/2019 meeting (Ruth).
  • Information from monthly Helena Twp. Mtg. (Bonnie/Jim/Ruth).



  1. Soil Erosion at the Ball Park: 1) Heidi Shaffer completed a grant request for erosion control. 2) Status of erosion control permit process (Ruth) 3) Deed restrictions issue is on hold. If our application for a erosion control permit is approved, we will again take this matter to the Township Board for further clarification. (Ruth)
  2. Update on GTRLC/Helena Twp. Coy Mtn project. Signs won’t be coming until Spring. (Dell)
  3. GTRLC wants to know how much the township can provide for this project.

                Need to get back to GTRLC to give them a dollar amount. Todd mentioned possible DNR grant to help with funding.

Need to review GT Regional Land Conservancy draft partnership agreement with Helena Township, using the “Application for Project” review process. (Steve, Ruth).       

  1. 7.   5-year-plan approved by Twp. Board submitted to DNR on 7/27/2018.  Waiting on approval.

Rick was told no further documentation was needed. Importance of plan approval has increased if GTRLC intends to do grant request for acquisition fund. Follow up with Rick in November. (Bonnie, Ruth)          

  1. 8.     Capital Improvement Plan (CIP): (Dell)

Limit scope of CIP to Parks and Recreation jurisdictions only.

                                Ball Park: Westerman,       Coy Mtn: Dell,     Comm. Cntr: Robbins,       Depot Park: Loveland

                                Road Endings: Robbins/Gurr,           Safe Harbor & Archie Valleau Landing: Smith,

                                Tennis Court Park: Smith,                 Water Trails: Dell

                Dell will meet with each township board member and Mike Crawford to get their input on the CIP project.

                Include the following items for discussion and add any items identified by Mike or the board.

–               For each park, road end and water trail site, inventory all items in the asset.

–               For each item in the asset, determine date acquired (age), current condition, useful life of item and date it may need to be replaced (use Mike to help with this)

                –               For each asset, identify future projects and compile a budget and date of implementation.

                –               For each asset, identify future costs to replace each item inventoried and date replacement needed.

                –               For each asset, do an assessment of the handicap access.(NEW)

                –               Identify funding sources for any projects planned for that site.(NEW)

                –               Other:

                Review assessment forms for final approval. The Twp. board members interviewed believe the P&R Comm. should be responsible to input information initially and maintain the computer data base over the next several years. Discussion(Dell)

  1. Coy Mountain forest management: We were asked by the Helena Twp. Board to come up with a forest plan                                                         for Coy Mtn. Review draft forest management plan for Coy Mountain Forest Preserve. If approved, take to

       Twp. Board.(Jim, Ruth)

  1. Parking issues at safe harbor. Barry and Laura to meet with Burt Thompson of Antrim Co. Road Commission and report

                Back to committee. (Barry, Laura)

  1. Recognition of volunteers who worked on Coy Mtn. trail redo. An article in one or more of the papers was the

                suggestion the committee liked best. Discuss with Jan. (Steve,Ruth)

  1. Some committee members feel the P&R Comm. should start fund raising to support some of our projects. We will

                consult with the HT Board about P&R asking the AV if we could come under their umbrella for fund raising for the

                land acquisition at Coy. (Ruth)

  1. Community money donations for the preservation/next resurfacing of the tennis courts in Tennis Court Park.

                See if township can maintain an account for tennis courts only. Contact Dorothy Clore to clarify.(Ruth)

  1.    Annual review of the Parks and Recreation Committee website (Ruth, Steve) (SEPT OF EACH YEAR)



  1. 15. Tri-fold brochure and some “high-tech” chips telling about our parks and community events. (Bonnie, Jan)(OCT)
  2.   Discussion of parking at all of our parks including Safe Harbor/Archie Valleau Landing (Ruth, Jan)