Parks & Rec Minutes March 3, 2021

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 03/03/2021                Approved 04-07-2021 In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Ruth Smith, & Barry Snyder Absent: Bonnie Robbins. Non-members in attendance: Butch Peeples, HT supervisor 1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

  1. The meeting minutes from 12/03/2020 were approved as presented & will be published on the HT website. 4. Public Input: Butch Peeples, HT supervisor, attended the meeting to show support for the P&R Committee and share some of his ideas including possible future projects. Butch mentioned that an Alden Volunteers project that will be coming before the P&R Committee in April. AV will be sent the project request information and this project review will be added as an April agenda item. OLD BUSINESS:
  2. Soil Erosion at the Ball Park. Barry Snyder shared a Site Plan put together by Farrier Surveying, Inc. Barry did a very nice job of presenting possible park improvements. There will be further discussion on ideas for the park going forward. The soil erosion control project was discussed.
  3. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This will continue as an agenda item on the April 2021 meeting agenda. 

7 Helena Township / Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy – purchase of property adjacent to the Coy Mt. Preserve. Closing on the purchase of the Logee property is scheduled for this week. Health concerns are holding up completion of paperwork for the other two properties. 8. Jan and Ruth will work to prepare the portion of the May P&R Meeting where various groups working on and at Depot Park get together to discuss what needs to be done, whom is doing what, and what potential changes are being proposed for the park.


  1. The Committee started to review a project request being proposed by some of the P&R Comm. members to purchase toddler play-ground equipment for Tennis Court park. It was decided that this project review will be resumed at the April meeting as there were too many areas where more information was needed.



  1. Do a budget for the P&R Committee to present to the HT Board. This will continue as an agenda item on the April 2021 meeting agenda. 11.Tri-fold brochures telling about our parks and community events. (Bonnie, Jan) This will continue as an agenda item on the April 2021 meeting agenda. 


The next P&R monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, April 7th,2021 at 7pm in the Community Bldg.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 03/11/2021