Parks & Rec Minutes Sept 5, 2018

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 09/05/2018     

approved 10-03-2018  

In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins, Jan Loveland, & Ruth Smith. Absent: Jeanne Peeples & Laura Westerman.

 Community input: None.

  • Minutes from 8/01/2018 meeting (Ruth). Approved as presented & will be published on the HT website.
  • Information from August Helena Twp. Mtg. (Bonnie/Jim/Ruth).
  • Paul Delange (Historical Society) presented the idea of installing some asphalt (12’ x 140 ‘) in front of the Depot. The Board agreed to pay up to $5,000. of the estimated $6,500. Cost.


  • Update on GTRLC/Helena Twp. Coy Mtn project. (Steve). Dean Crandall has completed the machine work at Coy Mt. The maintenance crew is in the final stages of the needed hand maintenance on the path. The GTRLC is looking into possible signage for the trails.            
  • 5-year-plan approved by Twp. Board & submitted to DNR on 7/27/2018.   We are waiting on an update of its status from the DNR. (Steve)
  •  Pickleball tournament income to benefit Alden Racquet Sports Committee ($160 from fun event and over $650 from Alden Classic)     
  •  FOCUS Fund Endowment Grant (Laura) The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation is wanting feed-back to help them high lite the project and how it will help HT. Laura is working on providing the requested support. 
  •  Decide what Twp. roads would be the best for a bicycle route. Look at the entire county (see master plan) (Steve) This agenda item is being moved to future agenda items to be put on the March agenda.
  •    Steve and Ruth talk with Heidi Schaffer about erosion at ball park. Also see # 14. This agenda item is being moved to future agenda items to be put on the Nov. agenda.
  • Jan advertised and planned the Ribbon Cutting ceremony done to celebrate the tennis court resurface / accessible sidewalk project for which HT received a passport grant from the DNR. Well done Jan.      
  • Committee to review GT Regional Land Conservancy draft partnership agreement with Helena Township and Conservancy. Use “Application for Project” review process. (Back to agenda when budget received). Possible land at top of Coy for sale. Do we want to initiate contact with conservancy to move this forward? Steve will make contact the GT Regional Land Conservancy to discuss a possible partnership to purchase land adjacent to Coy Mt. Reserve. Bonnie will pursue exactly what land is available for sale and the details.  


Capital Improvement Plan: For each park, inventory all items in the park. Create an estimate for the useful life of each item and establish a schedule for replacing each item. Possible software program (Steve). This will be moved to the October agenda.

 Annual review of the Parks and Recreation Committee website (Steve/Ruth) (SEPT OF EACH YEAR) Need to complete this and report back at October meeting.

 Get copy of HT Park surveys that have been completed for the P&R Resource Book? (Ruth) (SEPT) This item is being moved to the November agenda.

Erosion Abatement Project at Ball Park. Review with 2nd bid. (SEPT)

Put back on Future agenda items to be put on the January agenda.    

 Tri-fold brochure and some “high-tech” chips telling about our parks and community events. Jan will work on this project with Bonnie assisting. Put on the November agenda.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday, October 3rd ,2018 at 7pm in the meeting room at the Community Bldg.

 Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 09/25/2018