Parks & Recreation Agenda April 2017

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Parks and Recreation Committee Agenda for 4/ /2017

Meeting time is 7:00 – 9:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Community Input
  • Minutes from 3/01/2017 meeting (Ruth).
  • Information from monthly Helena Twp. Mtg. (Ruth).



  • Recreational Passport Grant from DNR: Amendment.(Steve)
  • Requests for memorial issues (Ruth). Also review Twp opinion on tax deductibility of donations (Jim, Ruth).
  • Volunteer hold-harmless form. New info from Twp. Ins Company(Jim/Ruth)
  • GTR Land Conservancy at Coy Mtn. Any update on draft agreement? (Ruth).      
  • Proof Valley St. road end was accepted by Twp. (Ruth).                                                                                                            
  • Erosion Abatement Project at Ball Park. Mike to get estimates.
  • Review HT Parks Community Survey questions…progress in completion.
  • AV working with HT on funding some projects. – add toddler playground equipment.(Ruth)



  1. Discuss and decide what Twp roads would be the best for a bicycle route. Look at entire county for continuity.

                 (See Master Plan) (APRIL) Suggest we move this to June

  1. Get copy of HT Park surveys that have been completed for the P&R Resource Book? (Ruth) (APRIL)
  2. Steve to get Jim Moore from Disability Network to walk Ball Park for accessibility assessment. (Steve)(APRIL)

                 Suggest we move this to May.

  1. Would it be a good idea to have a HT P&R Facebook page – if yes take to HT Board ? (Jan.)        16.Tim Moore – Summer lessons – July 31 – Aug. 4th 8am – 12:30pm (Ruth)



  • Handicap parking in Helena Township (Discussion). (TO BE DISCUSSED WHEN WE REVIEW EACH PARK)          
  • Annual review of the Parks and Recreation Committee website (Steve/Ruth) (SEPT OF EACH YEAR)
  • New sign for Coy Mountain . (JUNE)
  • Proposal from Jack Findlay of Alden Volunteers for P&R Committee to prioritize top 3 projects we would like to get done and he will use AV resources to help obtain funding (Ruth). (MONTHLY)
  • Revision of our five-year-plan. Committee decided to review each park and revise that park’s plan together at our monthly committee meeting. Review accommodation for handicap parking when reviewing each park.                                 June 1 – June 30: Monkey Survey to get public input. Also newspapers, flyers, postcards.                                                                Meet with other groups (DABA, AV, etc.) to discuss results and get input.         November: Consider approval of plan at regular P&R meeting and at same meeting get public                March 1: Submit plan to DNR prior to this date. (MONTHLY UNTIL COMPLETE)


  1. 6.   Coy Mountain forest management: We were asked by the Helena Township Board to come up with a forest plan               for Coy Mountain (See the March meeting minutes for specifics). Our current plan involves the following activities:
  2.                                 input on the plan.                                             
  3.                                 Sept – October: Complete “Recreation and Natural Resources Plan”
  4.                                                 August:  Public meeting to get input on survey results. Coop Extension will help.
  5.                 Tentative Time Frames:
  1. Come up with a plan for forest management and an improved trail system. This might involve bringing in an   ecologist, asking Mike Meriwether to speak to us, or both.
  2. If the committee reworks the trail system before the overall forest management plan is completed, we may present it to the HT Board separately.
  3. After our Forest Management Plan for Coy Mtn. is completed, it will be taken to HT Board for review and action.        
  4. Capital Improvement Plan: For each park, inventory all items in the park. Create an estimate for the useful life of each                           item and establish a schedule for replacing each item. Possible software program (Steve). (MAY)