Parks & Recreation Minutes March 1, 2017

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 03/01/2017 Approved 04-05-2017

In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Bonnie Robins & Ruth Smith. Absent: Mike Crawford

  1. Community Input. None
  2. Minutes from the 02/06/2017 meeting were reviewed and approved as presented & will be published online. 3. Information from the January Helena Twp. Meeting The board discussed encroachment on lake access roads but decided not to take any action at this time. Dave reported that he will no longer be representing the HT Board on the P&R Committee and Bonnie Robins agreed to step in and fill that slot. Thank you Dave for your years of active participation on the P&R Committee.

OLD BUSINESS: 4. Recreational Passport Grant from DNR extending dates for the correction of the sidewalk grade: A. We do not know what has been done concerning obtaining bids for correcting the sidewalk at Tennis Court Park. B. The DNR has received our request for an extension of completing work for the grant deadline. We have not received an official notice of their decision but they have said if they do extent the completion deadline it will be to Sept. 30th, 2017. 5. Requests for Memorials: The Committee approved the memorial donation procedure presented. Ruth with take this before the board as soon as she has some idea of potential costs for the board. The recommendation will be that if they approve the procedure as presented they should adopt it. Nothing need be done concerning purchasing the memorial board until a memorial donation comes in.

  1. Volunteer holds harmless form.

This is on hold until the next meeting. Steve is in the process of finding out what specific procedures the insurance company wishes the Township to use after the hold harmless forms are signed. We are also seeking more information concerning what procedure is needed to provide proof of tax exempt eligibility to a donor. 7. GTR Land Conservancy at Coy Mt. The conservancy is considering helping with improvements at the park. Dave Peterson has been in touch with Todd Vigland of the Grand Traverse Conservancy and Todd will be working on an agreement stating project goals and activities and costs for the township and the conservancy. This will be moved to the April agenda for further discussion. 8. Coy Mountain Forest Management. This is being moved to future agenda items for review in June. Ruth and Bonnie are going to try to talk with someone else at the Grand Traverse Conservancy and at MI State Co-Op Extension concerning things to consider when putting together a forest management plan. 9. Road ending encroachment. See item 3 above. 10. Erosion Abatement Project at Ball Park. With Mike absent we did not get an update on this project. It will be on the agenda again in April 11. AmeriCorps Intern to help with a volunteer event. Tom Clement has asked if we could use an AmeriCorps intern for a volunteer event. We will talk with Mike Crawford to see if he feels there is something involving community organization with which an AmeriCorps volunteer could help. 2

Pk & Rec. Committee Minutes for 03/01/2017 continued Approved 04-05-2017


12.Possible new Committee member Bonnie Robbins has become the P&R Committee member representing the HT Board. Welcome Bonnie! Ruth has talked with Jeannie Peeples who showed some interest in serving on the P&R Committee. With the agreement of all present Ruth will ask Jeannie is she will join the Committee.

  1. Survey Questions – The Committee reviewed questions that might be on the survey we are hoping to present to Helena Township residents this spring. The survey is to gather information to help with preparation of the Five Yr. Plan due in 2018.
  2. Request of Township to close two paper roads The Committee discussed paper roads and there was unanimous agreement that we would not recommend that the township allow the closing of any paper roads.

Capitol Improvement Plan This item is being moved to the future agenda items for review at a later date. Steve will pursue locating details of a software program that could help us organize this project.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017– 7pm – meeting room at the Community Bldg… Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 03/03/2017