Parks & Recreation Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2016

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 09/12/2016        approved 10-03-2016

In attendance at Depot Park: Brad Gerlach, Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Ken Masck, Dave Peterson, & Ruth Smith. Absent: Mike Crawford, & Steve Dell, Special guest Heidi Shaffer, soil erosion officer & Community attendee Barry Snyder. 1. Community Input – Barry Snyder stopped by. He is interested in helping with the up-keep of Ball Park. He is impressed with the kayak launch.

  1. Minutes from the 08/08/2016 meeting were reviewed and approved as presented. They will be published online.

  2. Information from the monthly Helena Twp. Meeting A. It has been decided that HT will purchase new light poles which will be able to hold hanging baskets. AV & DABA are going to let the township know how much money they can give to help with the extra $9,566.60 expense of buying this more expensive pole design.
  3. Friends of Alden Library are asking to be able to make some cosmetic changes to the Community Center as well as to purchase some new signage outside and within the building.
  4. the Historical Society will give $1,000.00 to help with the $4,800.00 expense of having the Depot painted.
  5. AV would like to replace the Alden/Torch Lake sign near Safe Harbor. To bring back more information and MOU.
  6. There was talk of how to fund up keep of the sidewalks in the down town area.


  1. Recreational Passport Grant from DNR – tennis court resurface + sidewalk: The new sidewalk is not ADA compliant as a sidewalk. Jim Moore sent a letter to the DNR requesting an exception as this access is compliant if you consider it using ramp specifications. We will pursue a reply to this request.
  2. The kayak launch has been completed and is happily being used. Erosion abatement project at Ball Park – Heidi Shaffer, Soil Erosion Officer, presented the park plan that she felt the committee had supported. There was a lot of comment and there is not agreement for details such as placement & size of the beach area. The committee members did agree that we need to focus on erosion control first and then consider other possible improvements. At this time Heidi will pursue three bids, if possible, on shoreline erosion control costs only. (Estimating $140+ per foot x 118 foot (worst section) = $16,520)

Pk & Rec. Committee Minutes for 09/12/2016 continued           approved 10-03-2016

  1. Requests for Memorials: Dave to bring info on availability & costs of tables and benches and proposed memorial policy. To be moved to Oct. agenda.
  2. Moving rocks to Safe Harbor. Mike was not available to report.

Brad will pursue asking if a DNR staff will come to evaluate the erosion situation at Safe Harbor. Move to Oct. agenda.

  1. Improved drainage for tennis courts. Ken is going to try one idea for drainage on the east side. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this system before making any further decisions. Move to Oct. agenda.


  1. Volunteer hold harmless form. We need to formulate a plan to have ongoing volunteers sign the hold harmless form. Move to Oct. agenda.
  2. ADA Compliance for Depot Park. No detailed discussion was held. The committee did agree it makes sense to purchase ADA accessible picnic tables for the parks.
  3. Revision of our five-year-plan.

We began talking about Ball Park and the Five year plan but need to continue this discussion at the October meeting.

  1. Annual review of P&R website. Steve and Ruth want to get more pictures onto the site. Move to future agenda items for a January 2017 progress report.
  2. New sign for Coy Mt. Put this on future agenda items for Feb. 2017
  3. Discuss Twp. roads best for bicycle routes. Put this on future agenda items for April 2017
  4. Get copy of HT Park surveys that have been completed. This is in the works. Put this on future agenda items for Jan. 2017


Representatives from the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy will be talking with Brad at Coy Mt. on Friday, Sept. 23rd, concerning the possibility for funds to purchase the “old parking lot” area.

  • The next monthly meeting is scheduled for:                                   Monday, October 3rd, 2016 – 7pm – meeting room at the Community Bldg… Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 09-14-2016