Planning Commission Minutes – May 11, 2011 (Special Meeting)

Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

May 11, 2011


Meeting called to order by Swan at 7:13 p.m.

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                      Present:            Jim Swan                Jim Gurr

Bob Johnson           Bonnie Robbins

Mike Robinson

Absent:             Chris Dewald           Rodger Dewey

Township officials present:                      Guy Molby


Approval of Agenda:  Motion: Johnson, 2nd Gurr.  Carried (4,0)

Statement of Conflict of Interest:         None

Approval of Minutes:  April 20, 2011  Motion:  Gurr, 2nd Johnson.  Carried (5,0)

Public Comment:         2 in attendance, No comments.

Communications:         Discussion of emails sent to secretary concerning short term rentals.

                                    Michigan Township Association meeting June 15 in Gaylord.   Contact supervisor to attend.

Old Business:               Public Hearing for Wind Generator Ordinance.  Regular meeting closed 7:21 p.m.  Introduction by Swan & Gurr on process for developing language.  Developed by township legal counsel based on our draft.  Goal is to allow towers for private and commercial use with process to permit these varying uses.  Process allows for public and contiguous landowners to voice concerns on larger or commercial towers.

                                    Wierman.  Questioned definition of Ambient.  Discussion to ask Bzdok to review the definition.

Discussion of flicker concern voiced at township board meeting.  Gurr stated this has been handled in legal cases and suggests it be adopted as written.

Public Hearing closed at 7:35 p.m.

Motion to recommend adoption of language as written. Robbins, 2nd Swan.  Carried (5,0)

Ordinance language to be reviewed by County Planning Commission next.

Public Comment:         None


Adjourn: Motion Robbins, 2nd Johnson. Carried (5,0)


Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins



Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary