Township Board Minutes – December 10th, 2015

Helena Township Board Meeting

December 10th, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Supervisor Rick Teague.  Present: Catherine Rice, Rick Teague, Butch Bartz, David Peterson and Bonnie Robbins.  Motion to approve agenda by Bartz, supported by Robbins.

Conflict of Interest: None.

Public Comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Bartz, supported by Teague and motion carried.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance:  $339,332.70 as of November 1, 2015

                                      Receipts:                     $2,608.09

                                      Disbursed:                 $43,683.78

                                      Balance:                   $298,257.01 as of 11/30/2015

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Teague, supported by Robbins and motion carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Nov. 1-30, $36,031.47 and Dec. 1-10, $4,353.55

Speakers: None

Communications: Letter form Alden Meadows resident concerning repairs to Alden Meadows Drive.  Bartz to contact Burt Thompson for status of drive as to it being a private road or a county road.

Zoning: Report given by Guy Molby.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported that the Planning Comm. had finished revising the 5 year master plan and that a public hearing will be scheduled for the regular Planning Comm. meeting the first Wednesday in January; the 6th.

Ambulance: Teague informed board that there will be a membership program in 2016.

Parks & Rec: Ruth Smith informed the board that new bid packages for the resurfacing of the tennis courts would go out in January.  The only bid received was in excess of the DNR grant.  Newly formed Alden Racquet Sports Committee is part of the non-profit Alden Volunteers to help raise money for the tennis courts in Alden.

Roads: Bartz informed the board that directional boring from the wet area at the Depot to the shore of Torch Lake has begun in order to improve drainage.

Old Business: Parks & Recreation recommends accepting option 2 to perform a harvest that addresses the forest health, wildlife, hazard trees and esthetics on the entire Coy Mtn. property including the removal of dead ash trees, infected beech, and other trees showing significant signs of decline that are posing a hazard to public usage from county forester, Mike Meriwether.  Peterson suggested that further discussions and questions on this proposal go back to Parks & Rec.  Teague suggested sending questions to Mike Meriwether before the January meeting of Parks & Rec.  Questions on this option should be sent to and these will be forwarded to Mike Meriwether.  Peterson suggested that a forest management plan be developed for Coy Mtn. before deciding on a course of action.

New Business: Clerk presented contract for the 2016 insurance coverage for Helena Township in the amount of $23,339.00.   Teague made the motion to accept the insurance coverage for 2016 and supported by Rice and motion carried.

Announcements: Teague presented board with 2016 meeting schedule.  Clerk informed board that 5 street lights are out in business area of Alden and Arndt Electric was called.

Additional Public Comment: Ruth Smith reminded the board that there is no Parks & Rec meeting in December.  Jim Gurr wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Motion to pay bills by Rice, supported by Robbins and motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM.

Helena Township Clerk; David G. Peterson Jr.