Township Board Minutes – June 14, 2012

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 Helena Township Board Meeting

June 14, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Penny Wagner and pledge of allegiance was said. Present: Wagner, Peterson, Gurr, Teague and Rice. Motion to approve agenda with additions by Rice and support by Teague, motion carried.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes: Wagner made motion to approve the minutes and support by Gurr and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Township beginning balance as May1, 2012                   $403,456.56

Receipts                   $3,451.80

General Fund Disbursements                 $12,836.12

Cemetery & Bldg.               $5,443.99

Ambulance Millage           $4,087.64

Total Disbursements                           $22,367.75                                                          

                           TOTAL BANK BALANCE as of May 31, 2012               $384,540.61

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Wagner, support by Teague; motion carried.

Presentation of bills: Township: May 1-31, 2012: $15,518.37 and June 1-14, 2012: $7,039.96

Speakers: None

Communications: Reviewed Sheriff’s report. Reviewed letter form Antrim County Prosecutor Charlie Koop: Antrim County will not have a road millage proposal for the ballot. Reviewed letter from Fred Sittel about placing a loon advisory sign at the Alden safe harbor. Discussion followed. Teague made the motion to approve placing a loon advisory sign at the Alden safe harbor, Rice and Peterson to determine location, with support by Peterson and motion carried. Reviewed letter from county for 2011 tax foreclosed properties for a property for first right of refusal. Inquiry to go to Bob Logee.   Peterson informed board of Burnham and Flower’s recommendation for volunteers working on behalf of the township. Rice made the motion that volunteers working on behalf of the township be required to sign a hold harmless agreement with support by Teague and motion carried. Wagner to call County to inquire source of wood chips that show up and are dumped in the parking lot at Coy Mountain. Rice reminded zoning administrator Molby that any visits to property owners be followed up by a letter w/a copy sent to office.

Planning Commission: Gurr reported that the Planning Commission identified a few additional changes in the final draft of the zoning ordinance changes and will require another public hearing.

Ambulance authority: No report.

Parks & Recreation: Ruth Smith reported that the Parks and Recreation Committee would like to have Harvey Bartel and Jan Loveland appointed to the P&R Committee. Wagner made the motion to approve Harvey Bartel and Jan Loveland to the Parks&Rec. Committee with support by Teague and motion carried. Memos were sent to the township board for review.

Old business: Wagner reported to board that the Antrim County Road Commission informed her that Helena Township property on the North side of Tyler Street could be used for future parking but the West end of Tyler Street on to North lake Street is and will remained closed. Rice presented board with new Cemetery Policy with guidelines for the inheritance and sale of Helena Township Cemetery lots. Cemetery lots sold to Helena Township residents will now cost $250.00; an increase of $50.00. Wagner made the motion to approve the revised Helena Township Cemetery Policy with support by Teague. Roll call vote was five yes votes. Roof bids to replace and/or repair the community center roof to be reviewed after the budget hearing scheduled for June 19th. Board approved by consensus to send check in the amount of $54,968.00 for the deposit, required by the Antrim County Road Commission, for the proposed maintenance of South Cemetery Road.   Board reviewed cost estimate for the maintenance proposed (Afton stone) for North Cemetery Road from Helena Road north (3,853 feet) to the second drive at the Helena Township Cemetery. The township share for this work is $70,322.00. Board proposed discussing future county road maintenance after the budget hearing in a special meeting on June 19th.

New Business: Rice motioned we retain current employees for bathroom cleaning at tennis court park for the season. Approved by consensus. Rice will move a portion of road millage money to a CD when she has a copy of the minutes. Approved by consensus.

Announcements: Budget hearing scheduled for June 19th followed by a special meeting to discuss county road maintenance and the future hiring of a maintenance person.

Additional Public Comment: Bonnie Robbins made comments on additional changes to zoning ordinance.

Motion to pay bills by Wagner, support by Gurr, and motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Helena Township Clerk

David G. Peterson Jr.

David G. Peterson Jr.