Township Board Minutes – June 15th, 2011 (Special Meeting)


JUNE 15th, 2011


A special meeting of the Helena Township Board with the Helena Township Public Library Board was called to order at 4:01 PM by supervisor Penny Wagner. Pledge of allegiance was said. Wagner welcomed the library board and asked board members to introduce themselves. Present for this meeting were: David Reck, Kathy Masck, Dorothy Clore, Dale Hanson, Cathy Harden, and Laura Powers. Audience of six.

Wagner announced that this meeting was being held as an informational meeting for the purpose of answering questions that the Helena Township Board members may have with the proposed agreement from the Helena Township Public Library on becoming the Alden District Library.

Public Comment: None

Wagner announced that the township board had appointed David Peterson, township clerk, to be the moderator for this informational meeting.   In order to maintain the flow of the meeting and exchanges of information, Peterson stated that the ground rules would include limiting the conversations to informational exchange without expressing opinions, editorializing, or debate.

Trustee Gurr asked what benefits for the taxpayers of Helena Township would be derived from the Helena Township Public Library becoming the Alden District library.

Library board member Dorothy Clore responded; stating that there would no longer be a delay in the payment of bills because the Library Board would not have to wait for the Township to receive the request for money to cover the bills before they could send the checks for the payment of the bills. As a district library, checks could be issued for the payment of bills in a more timely fashion and thus the township would be less encumbered and more efficient thus benefiting the taxpayers of Helena Township.

Township Treasurer Rice stated that there is no delay on the Township’s part. Rice is called and told the amount and immediately makes the deposit for that amount.

David Reck provided additional information that as a township public library, the township board has to approve the ballot language of any proposed library millage proposal. Reck informed the board as a district library, they would not be required to have the ballot language of the millage proposal approved by the township.   Reck stated that there may be a time when the Township would not allow a proposed library millage due other proposed millages on the ballot. The Township board assured the library board that they do not have that authority but only the authority to approve the language of the millage proposal.

Informational meeting with both boards scheduled for Thursday, June 30th at 7:00 Pm at the Helena Township Community Center. Advertisement to go into next week’s Antrim Review and paid for by the Helena Township Library Board.

Public Comment: Audience member David Hulefeld and Jennifer and Jim Swan expressed comments on the district library proposal.

Wagner adjourned meeting at 5:45 PM.


Helena Township Clerk

David Peterson