Township Board Minutes – October 8, 2009

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Helena Township Board Meeting

October 8, 2009

     The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Supervisor Wagner, the pledge of allegiance was said.  Present: Rice, Wagner, Gurr, Teague, absent: Frank, audience: 9.

     Motion to approve the agenda by Gurr, support Teague, all in favor.

     Motion to approve minutes of the September meeting by Rice, support Gurr, all in favor.

     Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance HT Public Library $49,815.18

                                                                          Receipts                 502.98

                                                                    Disbursements           9045.21

                                                                       CD                        46417.12

                                                                        CD                        15379.41

                                         Ending balance HT Public Library $103,069.48

                                   Helena Township beginning balance $ 286,799.68

                                                                         Receipts               7,349.72

                                                               Disbursements             26,685.32

                                                            Ending balance           $ 267,464.08

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Wagner, support Gurr, all in favor.

     Presentation of bills:  Township, September in addition $200.94

                                                October             $ 23,508.99

     No report for Library or Fire district.

Speakers: P. Barren from Applied Energy Solutions spoke on the grant available to update and do repairs.

     Communications: Sheriff Report, B. Shannon, K. Masck

Committee reports: Molby reported on zoning, Teague on Ambulance, Gurr for planning commission.

    Old Business: none.

New business: Insurance review, zoning permit for deck, building capacity reviewed.

Announcements: Historical marker is in place.

Additional Public comment: Ambulance and Fire district doing excellent job

Motion to pay bills by Wagner; support Gurr, all in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.


V.F. Frank,

Helena Township Clerk