Township Board Minutes – September 10, 2009

Helena Township Board Meeting

September 10, 2009

     The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Supervisor Wagner; the pledge of allegiance was said.  Present: Rice, Frank, Wagner, Gurr, Teague, audience: 5.

     Motions to approve agenda as written by Gurr support Frank, all in favor.

     Public comment: P. Sak of FOCL gave the board a report on Clam Lake Watercraft Caring capacity study.  Sheriff Bean gave his report and update on ORV.

     Motion to approve minutes of the August 13th meeting by Rice; support Gurr, all in favor.

     Bills: Township August in addition $ 730.50

               Township September $ 15,280.10

               Library September $ 8,658.76

     Treasurer’s report: Helena Township Public Library:

                                  Beginning balance August 1st $58,959.33

                                                         Receipts                   731.82

                                                      Disbursements         9,875.97

                                    Ending balance August 31st    $49,815.18

                                             CD                                    46,417.12

                                       CD renewed 8/27/09               15,379.41

                      Total asset availability                         $111,611.71

                          Helena Township:

                         Beginning balance August 1st $296,671.84

                                            Receipts                    16,617.57

                                   Disbursements                   26,489.73

                        Ending balance August 31st     $286,799.68

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Teague; support Wagner, all in favor.

     Committee reports: Molby gave zoning report and updates, Gurr updated on planning commission, Teague reported on Ambulance Authority.

     Old Business: Request to add sand at Elder Road access was looked into and request is denied.

     New Business: none.

     Additional public comment: J. Bassill, P. Sak

     Motion to pay bills by Wagner; support Gurr, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

V. Ferol Frank,

Helena Township Clerk