Parks & Rec Minutes Jan 2019

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 01/02/2019 Approved 2-6-2019 In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins, & Ruth Smith.

Absent: Jan Loveland, Jeanne Peeples & Laura Westerman.

1. Community input: None.

2. Minutes from 11/07/2018 meeting were approved as amended & will be published on the HT website

3. Information from the December Helena Twp. Mtg.: The hold harmless information for the Coy Mt. trail rework volunteers was given to the board. The suggested reservation process for CC gym time was presented to the board. There was nothing connected with P&R to report back.


4. Update on GTRLC/ Helena Twp. potential Coy Mtn land expansion project. Jim G. to report.

Move to February agenda.

5. 5-Yr. Plan – update on status of the plan with the DNR.

Steve attempted to contact Tamara Jorkasky our advisor at DNR but she was not available. Move to February agenda.

6. The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation FOCUS Fund Endowment grant monies ($2,500) update. Gina Thornbury from the Foundation was contacted. The grant money from the FOCUS Fund may be used for any expenses needed for completion of the Coy Mt. trail rework.


7. The suggested reservation process for gym time in the CC was presented to the board and received no negative comments. The process has been published on the HT website, is posted near the monthly ‘PB’ calendar and will be sent out to members of the current Alden Racquet Sports Committee PB email list.

8. Erosion at the Ball Park. David Spieser may have ideas on how to cut back on the erosion. Move to February agenda.

9. Tri-fold brochures and some “high tech” chips telling about our parks + Move to February agenda.

10. Memorial donations to HT – stones at TC Parks. Move to March agenda.

11. Capital Improvement Plan: Steve has located a student who would be willing to build a software program to aid HT with a capital improvement plan. Interested committee members will meet Wednesday, Jan. 23rd at 10 AM to discuss what will be needed to move forward on this project. HT board members and Mike Crawford will be included in future planning.

12. DNR grant training – Grayling Tue., Jan 15, 1-4PM.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, February,6th,2019 at 7pm in the meeting room at the Community Bldg.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 01/08/2019