Parks & Recreation

 Parks & Recreation Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month except December at 7 pm in the Helena Township Community Center.

Link for updated Five Year Plan 2024-2028

Helena twp 2024 2028 plan draft


New Torch Lake Sign at the Harbor



Welcome to the Helena Township Parks and Recreation.  The  Township Parks & Recreation Committee is excited to represent and serve the township, on behalf of the Helena Township Board, in a capacity that drives significant value for ensuring our community parks and recreation assets are appropriately optimized for all to enjoy.

The parks and recreation committee meet on a monthly basis at the township community center and we welcome your presences at any of our monthly committee meetings where there will be time allotted for community input.

On behalf of the Helena Township Board and the Helena Township Parks and Recreation Committee, we thank you for your support and look forward to your continued involvement as we strive to enhance our parks and recreation areas for all to enjoy!