This newly formed (Parks and Recreation) committee  is committed to leading the charge of establishing a new five-year parks and recreation plan as one of its initial key initiatives.  This five-year plan is important on many fronts, but foremost it is a requirement for the township to submit grant applications with the State of Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources allowing the community to potentially receive funding in support of the key initiatives outlined in the five-year plan.

The parks and recreation committee has outlined a project plan that establishes a path in order to complete the five-year plan.  There are three primary approaches that the committee has structured that provide an avenue for the greater community to provide input and help define and align the priorities of this plan.

First, a Parks and Recreation Survey was developed and made available to the community during the month of October 2011. This input has been analyzed and incorporated into the strategic planning process for the development of the Parks and Recreation five-year plan.

Second, a Public Forum was held on November 10, 2011 at the Helena Township Community Center. This forum provided an overview of the committee’s 2011/2012 key initiatives, the Parks & Recreation Survey results as well as gained the community’s input for establishing a new five-year Parks & Recreation plan and defining the appropriate priorities for implementing this plan.