Board Minutes March 14, 2024

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 Draft Helena Township Board Meeting March 14th, 2024

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Peeples.  Members present were Butch Peeples, Cathy Rice, Bonnie Robbins, David Peterson and Butch Bartz absent.   Motion by Robbins to approve the agenda as submitted, supported by Rice and approved.  Motion by Robbins to approve the February 8th meeting minutes as submitted, supported by Rice and approved. 

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: (3 minute limit); Steve Dell inquired about a door being installed to the kitchen.         

 Treasurer’s Report: beginning balance February 1st, 2024 is $715,131.48

                                     Total receipts: $259,107.48 and total disbursements: $71,769.38

                                     Ending balance February 29, 2024 is $902,469.58

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Robbins, supported by Peterson and approved.

Reviewed credit card use policy, resolution 03142024.  Motion by Bonnie Robbins to approve resolution 03142024 Credit Card Use Policy and supported by Cathy Rice and motion passed.

Roll call vote; Clark Peeples – yes, David Peterson – yes, Bonnie Robbins – yes, Cathy Rice – yes, and Butch Bartz absent. Helena Township does hereby adopt the credit card use resolution no. 03142024.

Presentation of Bills: February 1-29; $60,707.26 and March 1-14; $21,635.26

Fire Chief/Sheriff Report:  Reviewed South Torch Lake Fire & Rescue report from Chief Paul Fabiano, AC Sheriff report, County Commissioner report from Terry VanAlstine, Township Ambulance Authority report from Rick Teague who were all present.  All reports are linked with the minutes on the township website,

Communications: None

Zoning: Reviewed Bob Logee’s zoning report

Parks & Rec: April meeting will invite local volunteer groups so summer projects can be discussed if they are on township property.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported there will be an April meeting to discuss and review language for alternative energy for township lawyer to review.  Public hearing to be scheduled.

Robbins presented and board reviewed resolution no. master plan 03142024 A – resolution asserting township board right to approve master plan.  Robbins offered the foregoing resolution 03142024 A, with support by Cathy Rice and motion passed.  Roll call vote; Clark Peeples – yes, David Peterson – yes, Bonnie Robbins – yes, Catherine Rice – yes, and Charles Bartz absent.  The supervisor declared the resolution adopted.

Roads: Alden Meadows and East Torch Lake Drive will be done in 2024.  Maintenance on Cemetery road to be done in 2024.  Other roads in the village will be included with this season’s work schedule.

 New Business:  Reviewed quote for replacing curb and sidewalk in front of the community center from Do-All Maintenance.  Work will include replacing water line to the north east side of the community center.  Motion by Robbins to accept the quote for $9,368.00 from Do-All Maintenance and supported by Rice and motion carried.

Old Business:  Supervisor Peeples contacted electrician about repairing/replacing ceiling fan in gym yet to be scheduled.

Almost everything to remodel the kitchen has arrived.

The front entrance foyer floor; epoxy finish, is completed.  Painting the walls of the foyer to be completed.

Announcements:  Butch Peeples to be on vacation March 20th to March 31st.

Motion to pay bills:  Robbins made the motion to pay the bills, supported by Rice.  All present voted yes, motion carried.

Speakers: None

Public Comment: Jim Gurr commented.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 7:36 PM.

Prepared by Helena Township Clerk: David Peterson

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