Parks & Rec Agenda November 8, 2023

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Parks and Recreation Committee Agenda for 10/18/2023

 Special Meeting to work on completion of 5 year plan.          

  1. 7:00 pm: Call the meeting to order.
  2. Public Comment


  1. Spark Grants for Ball Park and Tennis Court Park: No luck.        
  1.     Recreation and Natural Resource Conservation Plan (5-year-plan) for 2024-2028. 

IMPORTANT:  Please bring your copy of the guidelines and the current 5 year plan.

  • Survey was opened to the public on our Website on 9/15 and is available until 10/31.
  • What changes does the Helena Twp Board want to see in the 2024-2028 plan?
  • What changes do P&R Committee members want to see in the 2024-2028 plan?
  • Payment issues with Monkey Survey for data from this years survey.
  • Other

Required Actions:

  • Early Public Input (Public Survey in September and October).
  • Construct draft plan by November 8 meeting.
  • 30-Day Public Review Period (public has 30 days to review draft plan) November 9 – December 13?
  • Public Hearing and Resolution Adoption (this can be done at a regular Township Board meeting)

December 14, 2023.