Parks & Rec Minutes December 13, 2023

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Parks & Recreation Meeting Minutes
Public Hearing for 5-Year Plan Review
8751 Helena Road, Alden, MI
7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by Steve Dell at 7:00 PM.
Present: Steve Dell, Janet Loveland, Barry Snyder, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins.
Absent: Brian Apley

Public attendance: 2

Meeting closed at 7:02 PM for public hearing.

Supervisor Butch Peeples, 9019 Franklin Street, discussed sections where maintenance/improvement projects will be implemented in the next five years. Projects identified were: replacing dock surfaces at the Harbor, adding steps to the lower level of Tennis Court Park to accommodate better access to the basketball court, adding a ramp at the concrete ledge in Archie Valleau Landing park to allow access to that beach area, centralizing signage in Village area to keep lakefront view open, paving parking lot at Depot Park for ADA accessibility, management of invasive species plants at Coy Mountain, sidewalk repair/replacement at the Community Center, signage at the Ball Diamond Park to address dumping of household trash, tree removal, and work toward ADA compliant parking area at the Ball Diamond Park. New signs have been installed at road end accesses. He stated he is researching opportunities to add more pickleball courts and improvements at Tennis Court Park.

No further public comment offered.

Public hearing closed at 7:18 PM

Committee Discussion– Members discussed if these maintenance steps presented by Supervisor Peeples would need to be added to the plan sections. Consensus was these are ongoing maintenance and no need to place the language into the plan.

No additions or corrections made to the draft.

Motion to submit final draft to township Board of Trustees at the December 14, 2023 meeting made by Gurr, supported by Loveland. All members present voting yes. Motion carried.

The resolution to adopt the amended Five-year Plan will be presented to the board with recommendation of approval.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Robbins, Board of Trustees rep of the Parks & Recreation Committee

Parks & Rec PH submission to Board Form 12 13 2023