Parks & Rec Minutes January 5, 2022

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 1/05/2022                                    Approved 2/2/2022
In attendance: Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Ruth Smith, & Barry Snyder
Not in attendance: Steve Dell & Bonnie Robbins
Non-members in attendance: Brian Apley & Butch Peeples
1. Meeting called to order at apx. 7:05 pm

2. The meeting minutes from 11/03/2021 were approved & will be published on the HT website.

3. Information from the August HT Board Meeting: None.

4. Public Input: Brian Apley of Blue Water Farm attended the meeting. Barry Snyder advocated for Brian to join the Parks and Recreation Committee. All committee members in attendance were very interested in having Brian join the Committee. The suggestion to have Brian join the committee will be presented to the HT Board at their next meeting.


5. Soil Erosion at the Ball Park. Barry is asking for Committee members to give him any suggestions that they have as to the future look and use of the Ball Diamond Park.

6. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Steve continues to work to try to come up with needed software for this project.

7. Recognition of volunteers who worked on Coy Mtn. Trail redo and a celebration of the completion of the project. This item is to be moved to the February 2022 agenda.
Jan will try to coordinate with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy (GTRLC) to discuss this effort. A date is needed as well as a plan of how to best celebrate the completion of the trail and laud the volunteers. Jan will also work on a possible news release.

8. Annual review of the P&R website. This will be moved to the February agenda. Ruth will work with Bonnie on adding any missing items.

9. Update on the joint GTRLC and Helena Twn. project at Coy Mt. At this time, it looks as though the land we were hoping to add to the Coy Mountain Reserve may not be available.


10. The last of the toddler playground equipment has arrived and is in storage for installation in the spring. Jan will be working on some type of celebration with news coverage. This item needs to be added to the agenda for February.

The next P&R monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 at 7pm in the Community Bldg.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 01/06/2022