Parks & Recreation Minutes November 2018

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 11/07/2018 Approved as amended 01/02/2019

In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Jan Loveland, Bonnie Robbins, & Laura Westerman. Absent: Jeanne Peeples & Ruth Smith

Community Input None

Minutes from the October 3rd meeting of the committee were approved.

Several members were at the October Township Board meeting, but there were no issues pertinent to our committee.

Steve Dell updated the group regarding the joint project with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy at Coy Mountain. Todd Vigland of the Conservancy expressed an interest in working with the Township to purchase two lots (owned by Logee and Johnson) to complete the project. Jim Gurr agreed to meet with Bob Logee and the Johnson’s to see if they were interested in selling these lots and to try to determine if there are current appraisals.

Steve Lagerquist spoke to Steve Dell regarding signage on the new trail. For next January’s meeting, Laura will check the language in the grant to see what the details are.

The five-year plan that we generated has not been formally approved by the DNR. The DNR website notes that our plan is “awaiting DNR approval.” Steve will try to determine the real status before the January meeting.

Bonnie gave a thorough report on the reservation system for the Community Center. Because of the interest in using the gym for pickleball, the system needs to be rethought. Bonnie will look for the original document and try to present it to the Township Board in December.

(Note that a second committee meeting followed this one. )

Steve updated us on the erosion problem at the Ball Park, which he discussed with Heidi Shaffer, Soil Erosion Officer for the Antrim County Conservation District. Her suggestion was that while rock to stabilize the shore there could cost upwards of $10,000, there could be a design including plant materials that would mitigate the problem. She suggested David Spieser of Habitat Landscape to provide us with an estimate, and Steve will contact him.

Two other projects have started as well. Steve Lagerquist mentioned that he would like to create some signage around town to indicate where parks are located. The new brochure for the parks will be a joint effort between Bonnie and Jan. It was agreed that we would let Steve Lagerquist know we will work on the signage around town.

The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting of P&R is scheduled for: Wed., Jan. 2nd, 2019 at 7PM in the meeting room at the Community Building.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith from notes taken by Jan Loveland and reviewed at the Jan. 2nd meeting. Ruth Smith