Planning Commission Meeting Sept 14. 2021

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

September 14, 2021

Meeting called to order by Gurr at 7:05 P.M.

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present: Jim Gurr Laura Westerman Joe Bassil Gordy Schafer Sue Moglovkin Absent: Bonnie Robbins Mike Robinson Township officials present: Bob Logee, Butch Peeples

Approval of Agenda: No motions made and no business voted on at this meeting.

Statement of Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: 0 in attendance.

New Business: August 2021: LU 4, FC 5, AC 1, PC 14, ZV 0

Approval of Minutes: None submitted. Secretary not present due to health concerns.

Communications: None

Old Business: Discussion about rental of assessor y dwellings. Concerns on septic, trash removal, excess parking. Agreement to continue discussion at next meeting before contacting legal counsel for review and suggestions that may be needed.

Discussion of complaint on road closure and signage for business. Callers have been referred to the road commission to address their concerns.

Discussion of Event Venues, currently not allowed in the Ag District. Septic, trash and parking were also discussed for these venues. Add Food Truck and Vendor Carts to the list for discussion.

Public Comment: Peeples commented on contact from a resident concerning the overflow from short-term rental. People brought in others and they infringed on neighboring properties. Peeples would like the commission to discuss these concerns and if we can create language to address this aspect of short-term rentals.

Adjourn: 7:34 P.M. Minutes created from notes taken by Gurr at the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted, Bonnie Robbins; Recording Secretary