Planning Commission Minutes April 12, 2022

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

April 12, 2022

Meeting called to order by Gurr at 6:02 P.M.  Time Change noted.

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

            Present:            Jim Gurr                                    Laura Westerman

Joe Bassil                                 Mike Robinson

Bonnie Robbins                                    Sue Moglovkin

                Absent:             Gordy Schafer                                     

Township officials present:  Bob Logee,  Butch Peeples arrived after start of meeting.

Election of officers:        Gurr nominated Moglovkin as chair, support by Robbins.  Carried.

                                                Gurr offered nomination to have current vice chair Robinson, supported by Robbins.  Carried.

Gurr offered nomination to have current secretary Robbins to continue in office.  Support by Westerman.  Carried

Approval of Agenda:    Motion by Robbins, supported by Bassil. Change 7:00 pm to 6:00pm.  Approved 

Statement of Conflict of Interest:          None 

Approval of Minutes:   Minutes March8, 2022. Motion by Gurrl, supported by Robbins.  Approved without change.

Public Comment:         2in attendance.  Applicant discussed plan for placing food truck at the old mill site.  Consensus that this would require a special use permit and thereby must meet public hearing notice requirement.  A public hearing will be scheduled to coincide with the regular May meeting of the planning commission.  May 10th at 6:00 pm.

Communications:         Two neighboring townships are doing their master plan reviews.

                                    Gurr encouraged members to attend the April 27th session to be held at the Leelanau County Government Center in Suttons Bay.  Carpool is available.  6:30 pm

New Business:             March  2022:     LU 2, FC 2, AC 1, PC 3, ZV 0

Old Business:              Review and discussion of edited storage container language from March meeting minutes.  Updated draft is attached to these minutes.

                                    Westerman suggested a special meeting be held to address the food truck language on the agenda so we can move forward on this topic.  Special meeting requires 18 hours posting.  Meeting to be held at 6:00 pm, Tuesday April 19th.

Public Comment:         None

Adjourn: 8:30  pm.          

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary


Black text is from the notes as determined at the planning commission meeting.

Add these definitions to Section 1.03 in our ordinance:

Aaccessory Storage Building

A building originally constructed for use as an accessory building for the storage of materials and equipment accessory to a primary use located on the property.

Cargo Containers

                                Containers include standardized reusable vessels that were:

Originally designed for or used in the packing, shipping, movement or transportation of freight, articles, goods or commodities; and/or originally designed for or capable of being mounted or moved by rail, truck or ship by means of being mounted on a chassis or similar transport device.  This definition includes the terms ‘transport container” and “portable site storage containers” having a similar appearance to and similar characteristics of cargo containers.

5.01.02– Storage Containers

  1. Storage on R1, R2, Village and Commercial zoned properties.
  2. Only accessory buildings and accessory structures as defined in Section 1.03 shall be permitted as accessory storage containers on property within the R1, R2, Village, and Commercial zoning districts of the township.  Structures originally built for purposes other than the storage of goods and materials are not permitted to be used as accessory storage buildings on property in zoning districts R1, R2, Village, and Commercial.
  • Cargo Containers

1.  Notwithstanding the provisions set forth in subsection A of this section, the temporary placement of cargo containers shall be permitted for a period of time not exceeding ninety (90) days following issuance of a Land Use Permit obtained from the zoning administrator.  The zoning administrator has the authority to extend this permit for an additional 90 days.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions set forth in subsection A of this section, licensed and bonded contractors may use cargo containers for the temporary location of an office, equipment, and/or materials storage structure during construction which is taking place on the property where the cargo container is located.


All current ordinance language not affected by this change remains intact as written.


Violations of this section shall be enforced pursuant to the procedures and penalties set forth in Section 2.09.