Planning Commission Minutes – July 2, 2014

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

July 2, 2014


Meeting called to order by Gurr (7:01pm)

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                      Present:            Jim Swan                Jim Gurr

Chris Dewald           Bonnie Robbins

Bob Johnson          Mike Robinson

Rodger Dewey

Absent:             None


Township officials present:                    Guy Molby


Approval of Agenda:  Date error.  Motion: Robbins, 2nd Swan.  Carried

Statement of Conflict of Interest:          None

Approval of Minutes:  As submitted.  Motion: Swan, 2nd Robbins.  Carried

Public Comment:         (0 in attendance) Molby has discussed ordinance language concerning violations with Supervisor                                                 Teague.  Need language in ordinance to add fines or administration fees when applications are                                            filed late.

Swan stated he is selling his home and moving.  This may be his last meeting.  May not be able                                     to make the scheduled site plan review on July 14th.  Johnson, Robinson and Gurr will represent                                       planning commission at the meeting. Robbins will verify the time and notify those attending.


Communications:         MTA meeting to be held in Gaylord.  Gurr, Robbins, Molby, and Teague will attend training                                               session about controversial land use requests and how the township might prepare for these                                           requests.


Old Business:   None


New Business:

ZA report

June 2014:  Land Use  2 , Field Checks 8 , Attorney Contacts 0 , Public Contacts 12 ,  Zoning Violations 0

Copies of master plan distributed for review.


Public Comment:

                        Robbins shared demographics presented at the Antrim County Housing Committee meeting concerning median income, house price and other info the committee used to determine target communities for housing improvement grant from the state.


Adjourn: Motion Johnson, 2nd Dewald. Carried


Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary