Planning Commission Minutes May 10, 2022

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

May 10, 2022

Meeting called to order by Moglovkin at 6.03pm

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

            Present:            Sue Moglovkin                          Mike Robinson

                                    Jim Gurr                                    Joe Bassil

                                    Gary Lockwood                         Bonnie Robbins

                Absent:             Gordy Schafer                                     

Township officials present:  Bob Logee,  Butch Peeples

Approval of Agenda:    Motion by Bassil, supported by Gurr.   Approved 

Statement of Conflict of Interest:          None 

Public Comment:         None

Meeting Closed at 6:06 pm for Public Hearing

                                    Applicant presented outline of the proposed mobile food vendor truck to be place at 10545 Coy Street in Alden.  They will offer pizza, subs, salads, pop, water & cheesy bread.  Open Monday thru Saturday thru October 31.  11am to 8pm.  3-4 employees. There will be no additional signage outside of the truck, no seating, and no extra lighting.

                                    21 notices sent to surrounding properties, three (3) were returned.  One (1) in favor, two (2) with concerns on parking and traffic congestion and noise. Fourteen people attended in person.

                                    M. Zeeman, 9357 Franklin St. She is supportive of new businesses but is concerned with parking and people crossing the road at a very busy intersection.  She asked is this is a change in the ordinance language or a variance.  Planning commission members explained there is no change and referred to the sections of the ordinance that govern these special use decisions.

                                    J. Schilling, owner of a neighboring business echoed the concern with traffic and people crossing the road.

                                    D. Walter, 10586 Coy St. asked if we felt this would enhance the village.  Would it attract more business for shops downtown or cater more to boat traffic that doesn’t shop?  Robbins shared information about the work currently being done by the planning commission to address mobile food vendors so they will not have a negative impact on nearby restaurants but tonight’s application has to be addressed through the current ordinance language.  Planning commission is aware of the difference in customers for a mobile vendor and a brick and mortar establishment.

Meeting sidetracked by a discussion on speed limits on various roads.

                                    Puplic comment closed and members offered opportunity to ask additional questions.

                                    Moglovkin asked if they will have a website for pre-orders.  Applicant stated they do not have a website but do have a phone number advertised and available for those wishing to pre-order.

                                    No additional questions from members.

Public Hearing closed at 6:40pm.

Based on a finding of fact from Section 4.07.02.B.2, Section 5.04.B and Section 6.03.01 motion to approve sending this application to the township board of trustees with support for approval was made by Gurr and supported by Robinson.  Vote 6 yes, 0 no.  Motion carried.  Robbins will present to township board May 12, 7PM at their regular meeting.

Approval of Minutes:   Minutes for April 19th meeting not available.

Communications:         None

New Business:             April  2022:       LU 4, FC 3, AC 1, PC 10, ZV 0

Old Business:              Tabled.  Additional meeting scheduled for May 17 at 6:00pm to work on finalizing storage container language and mobile food vendor language.

Public Comment:         Resident voiced concern on getting mobile food vendor language in place as soon as possible.

                                    Gurr updated the public on the process of reviewing the master plan and discussion of the planning commission about having another survey done so we can learn the direction the residents of Helena Township want their ordinance to address.  Ordinance language has to be supported by the master plan.  He shared the master plan from Norwood Township for members to review. 

Adjourn: 6:57  pm.          

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary