Planning Commission Minutes – May 5, 2010

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

May 5, 2010


Meeting called to order by Chris Dewald at 7:10

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                      Present:            Chris Dewald           Jim Gurr

Bob Johnson           Bonnie Robbins

Rodger Dewey

Absent:             Joe Bassil               Sue Moglovkin

Jim Swan

Township officials present:                      Guy Molby

Statement of Conflict of Interest:         None

Approval of Agenda:    Approved.  Motion Gurr, 2nd Johnson Carried (5,0)

Approval of Minutes:    Approved with one change; Motion to Adjourn:  Motion Johnson, 2nd Swan

                                    Motion to approve: Gurr, 2nd  Robbins Carried (5,0)

Public Comment:         2 present.

Communications:         Educational Classes offered by Council of Government and MSU.  Contact the Supervisor to register.

Meeting Closed for Public Hearing:  7:17 p.m.

Tim Fox, Appeals Board Chair, discussed need for change to clarify the language concerning variance for     setback and variance for use.  Current language can be confusing to public.  Proposed change would      help public understand the process better.

Robbins:  Still looking for proof of use variance issued as directed by Bzdock.  Can we include use variance language?

Dewey:  Use language is important.  Process should continue to expedite putting this change in place         with the use language.

Discussion of time line for finalizing the language change.

Motion by Robbins to send the proposed zoning ordinance change to the township board as written with       the condition that use language will be effective only if documentation of use variance issued prior to        2006 is discovered by June 30, 2010.  2nd Gurr,  Carried ( 5,0)

Public Hearing closed at 8:04

New Business:

ZA Written Report

April 2010–        _4_  Land Use Permits,  _ 10__ Field Checks,  _2  Attorney Contact,    12  Other Contacts.

Old Business:

            Special Use Permit:

Molby has sent the language to Bzdock to review.

Wind Tower Discussion:

Wind Tower Ordinance Language is with Bzdock for review.

Definitions and Standards:

No committee report on this subject.  Tabled until next meeting.

Public Comment:


Adjourn: Motion Johnson, 2nd Dewey. Carried (5,0)


Respectfully Submitted,




Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary