Township Board Minutes – August 9, 2012

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Helena Township Board Meeting

August 9, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by Penny Wagner and pledge of allegiance was said. Present: Wagner, Peterson, Gurr, Teague and Rice. Motion to approve agenda by Teague and support by Rice, motion carried.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes: Wagner made motion to approve the minutes with change and support by Gurr and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Township beginning balance as July1, 2012 $315,552.45

Receipts $45,938.36

General Fund Disbursements $20,380.62

Cemetery & Bldg. $3052.27

Roads (12 month CD) $70,000.00

Total Disbursements $93,432.89

TOTAL BANK BALANCE as of July 31, 2012 $268,057.92

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Wagner, support by Gurr; motion carried.

Presentation of bills: Township: July 1-31, 2012: $84,406.36 and August1-9, 2012: $10,188.45

Speakers: None

Communications: Reviewed Sheriff’s report. Received e-mail from Kate Redman about recent decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals on the issue of local zoning and medical marihuana. E-mail sent on to the planning commission for review and comment.

Zoning Administrator: Molby absent; no report.

Planning Commission: Gurr reported that the Planning Commission held a public hearing for changes to zoning ordinance. No pole barns built in R1 and R2 without a house. The question of the installation of vacuums at the car wash will be a special use permit application.

Ambulance authority: No report.

Parks & Recreation: No report.

Old business: Reviewed and approved letter to be sent to all of the volunteer organizations informing them of the use of a hold harmless clause when doing work or projects on township property and requested a list of volunteers from each organization.

New Business: Audit for township to be scheduled during October. Ten employee interviews for maintenance position to be scheduled for Tuesday morning every half hour from nine until eleven thirty and on Wednesday every half hour from 1:30 until 3:00. The maintenance position will be a full time salaried position at $14.00 per hour, $2240.00 per month and $26,980.00 per year. There will be required a physical with drug test and a background check. A probation period of 90 days and performance review for new employee. Temporary employees to place wood chips under swing sets at the Tennis Court Park.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Meredith Crider spoke about issue of water running down sidewalk into foundation of the Red Eye Gallery and neighbor’s storage in backyard. Bonnie Robbins suggested the use of employee guidelines for the new maintenance position.`

Motion to pay bills by Wagner, support by Teague, and motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Helena Township Clerk

David G. Peterson Jr.

David G. Peterson Jr.