Board Meeting Oct 14, 2021 Draft

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Draft Helena Township Board Meeting October 14, 2021

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM. Members present were Butch Peeples, Cathy Rice, Bonnie Robbins and Butch Bartz. David Peterson absent. Motion by Robbins to approve the agenda and supported by Bartz and approved.   Motion by Robbins to approve the September meeting minutes and supported by Bartz and approved.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: 9 in attendance. Question asked about submitting snowplow bid. Robbins will supply guidelines for bid so there will be consistency on what the bids cover.

Treasurer’s Report: beginning balance Sept 1st , 2021 is $ 569,455.53

                                    Total receipts: $ 2,426.87 and total disbursements: $ 55,252.48

                                     Ending balance as of 09/30/2021 is $ 516,252.48

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Robbins and supported by Bartz and approved. Presentation of Bills: Sept 1-30: $ 45,357.38, Oct 1-14; $ 10,302.18

Robbins discussed the grant application submitted for Covid relief and the changing rules for use. Peeples suggests placing funds into a CD if or when we receive any funds in case the Feds decide we can’t use them. Robbins made the motion to authorize Rice to make that CD purchase, supported by Rice and approved.

Speakers: Laury Stone shared an update of projects done by Alden Volunteers and Boys of Summer this year. She discussed the banners being placed on downtown light posts and plans to attach a snowflake for holiday and winter season. Track is being laid at Depot for new box car addition. Box car to be place soon.

Mary Ann Stimpson spoke on behalf of the Friends of the Library about updating and freshing the entrance area. Discussion with board members about painting, updating flooring and bulletin boards. She will contact Butch Peeples or Cathy Rice to discuss plans further so recommendations can be made at a future meeting.

Communications: None

Zoning: Logee’s report reviewed.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported the commission discussed materials concerning home businesses and will receive copies of a report to discuss at the November meeting. Work continues on reviewing and updating sections of the ordinance if needed.

Parks & Rec: Barry Snyder reported on the work done at the ball diamond. One dugout has been painted with paint he had left over from a paint job. He will paint the other when weather allows.

Discussion of upcoming meeting concerning purchase of parcel along Valley Street to expand Coy Mountain. Grand Traverse Regional Land Trust will meet with Peeples Oct 27. Township will be responsible for 20% of cost. The board approved purchase funds in November of 2019 which would cover these costs. Robbins made the motion to approve a $1000 check be submitted as retainer while additional funding is secured. Supported by Rice. Approved.

Roads: Discussion about blocked culvert at harbor. Sealcoat of the launch area will be scheduled before next boating season.

Peeples noted a pothole at the corner of Coy and Valley and asked Bartz to talk with Burt Thompson to address it before it gets bigger.

Bartz met with Thompson about issue on McPherson. Waiting for decision on what is to be done and cost.

Old Business: Peeples updated progress of replacing signs for public accesses and at the parks.

Consensus to not pursue placing No Left Turn sign at Coy Street and Helena Road intersection by harbor entrance. Sign was suggested by Sheriff Bean to prevent boat traffic turning left when approaching from the south. Consensus that problem is minimal and signage is not needed.

New Business: Discussion of maintenance of flower bed at the Community Center. Laury Stone will speak with Alden Volunteer gardening group.

Discussion of Slow/No Wake at Clam River. Public hearing will be scheduled for the November meeting. Robbins will contact DNR representative and DeWitt’s to attend so resolution can be in place to cover any needs from the township to formally establish the delineating shoreline mark.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Jim Gurr commented.

Robbins made the motion to pay the bills and supported by Bartz and approved.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 8:16 PM.

Prepared by Helena Township Deputy Clerk: Bonnie Robbins