Board Minutes Draft March 11, 2021

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Draft Helena Township Board Meeting March 11th, 2021

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM. Members present were Butch Peeples, David Peterson, Cathy Rice, Bonnie Robbins and Butch Bartz. Motion by Robbins to approve the agenda and supported by Bartz and approved.   Motion by Robbins to approve the minutes and supported by Bartz and approved.

Conflict of Interest: None

Treasurer’s Report: beginning balance February 1st, 2021 is $569,037.77

                                     Total receipts: $137,082.63 and total disbursements: $69,520.22

                                     Ending balance as of 02/28/2021 is $636,600.18

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Robbins and supported by Bartz and approved. Presentation of Bills: February 1-28: $60,042.91, March 1-11; $10,564.51

Speakers: None

Communications: fireworks ordinance and marina ordinance

Zoning: Logee’s report reviewed.

Planning Commission: Special public hearing held for new digital sign for Kurt Grubner. Robbins recommends a special use permit for this digital sign with support by Rice and motion approved. Discussed shore line development and language.

Parks & Rec: Ruth Smith presented board with report from their last meeting and information on memorial donation procedure at the Depot. Rice read resolution 31121 – donations. Resolution vote tabled until next meeting.

Roads: Paid off balance owed to Antrim County Road Commission for East Torch lake Dr. and there is $75,000 available in road millage money for 2021.

Old Business: No update on stand-alone HEPA filter units for the community center.

New Business: Motion by Rice with support by Robbins to approve waiver & liability release with the health Department of Northwest Michigan and motion carried.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Ruth Smith and Jim Gurr commented.

Robbins made the motion to pay the bills and supported by Bartz and approved.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 8:20 PM.

Prepared by Helena Township Clerk: David Peterson