Board Minutes May 9, 2019

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Helena Township Board May 09, 2019 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7 pm. Members present were Rick Teague, David Peterson, Cathy Rice, Butch Bartz and Bonnie Robbins.

Motion by Bartz to approve the agenda w/addition and supported by Robbins and approved.

Motion by Teague to approve the minutes and supported by Rice and approved.

Public Comment: Sheriff Dan Bean reviewed report, gave our Smart 911 literature, and introduced K-9 handler; Skyler Skrobecki and dog; Bricko

Treasurer’s report; beginning balance April 1, 2019 is $477,944.93

Total receipts: $34,701.02 and total disbursements: $29,759.14

Ending balance as of 04/30/2019 is $482,886.81

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Bartz with support by Robbins and approved.

Presentation of Bills: April 1-30: $18,986.38 and May 1-9; $2,346.10

Speakers: Deana Jerdee spoke about the Chain of Lakes Water Trail Signage Agreement. Teague made the motion to approve the agreement with support by Peterson and the motion carried.

Communications: None

Zoning: Zoning report reviewed.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported discussion of digital and electronic illuminated signs. A special use permit is required for programmable digital signs. Commission defined “temporary” used throughout the zoning ordinance as 120 days in a consecutive 12 month period of time.

Ambulance Authority: No update.

Parks: Ruth Smith reported Steve Dell is continuing interviews with township board members of the capital improvement plan (CIP). Parks & Rec Committee requests continuation of Parks $8,000.00 in the 2019-2020 township budget. Based on recommendation of Parks and Recreation board of the appointment of Barry Snyder, Teague appointed Barry Snyder to Parks & Recreation Board. The board gave it consensus for the application of a Soil and Erosion Permit for erosion control and bank stabilization at the ball park. A copy of the Memorial Donation Procedure policy for memorial bricks placed at the Depot Park was presented to the board for approval. Discussion followed. Rice made the motion to accept the memorial donation procedure policy for the Depot Part with support by Bartz.   Roll call vote: Rice—yes, Peterson—no, Teague—yes, Robbins—yes, and Bartz—yes and motion carried.

Roads: No update.

Old Business: None

New Business: Paul Fabiano presented the board with the 2019 Fireworks Display permit. Teague reviewed the Fireworks Display Permit and made the motion to approve the permit for Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 for loading the fireworks onto the barge at the Helena Township ball park with support by Robbins and the motion carried.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Jim Gurr commented.

Teague made the motion to pay the bills with support by Robbins and the motion carried.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 8:29 PM.

Prepared by Helena Township Clerk; David Peterson

David Peterson