Board Minutes December 12, 2019

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Draft Helena Township Board Meeting December 12th, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Rick Teague, David Peterson, Bonnie Robbins, Cathy Rice and Butch Bartz. Motion by Rice to approve the agenda and supported by Robbins and approved.   Motion by Robbins to approve the minutes and supported by Teague and approved.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: None

Treasurer’s Report: beginning balance November 1st, 2019 is $391,740.21

Total receipts: $2,636.78 and total disbursements: $21,510.72

Ending balance as of 11/30/2019 is $372,866.27

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Teague and supported by Bartz and approved. Presentation of Bills: November 1-30; $12,569.37 and December 1-12th; $4,309.27

Speakers: None

Communications: 2020 meeting schedule. Supervisor Teague appointed John Tish to the Board of Review and Bob Clore as an alternate to the Board of Review.

Zoning: Logee presented zoning report for November, 2019.

Planning Commission: Robbins presented resolution 120519 with change to zoning map – changing agriculture along the East side of East Torch lake Drive (300 feet from center of highway Eastward) from Alden to the commercial district, to R-1. Robbins made the motion to approve the resolution with support by Rice and the motion carried. No meeting in January.

Ambulance Authority: No update.

Parks: 5 year plan was approved. No December meeting.

Roads: Received letter from Antrim County Road Commission with 2020 allocation and available with 2019 carry over.

Old Business: None

New Business: Peterson presented board with 2020 township insurance coverage. Teague made the motion to approve the township 2020 insurance package of $24,712.00 with option of Cyber & Privacy liability coverage of $887.00 for a total of $25,599.00 and supported by Robbins and motion carried.

Rice presented board with TBA agreement for the collection of 2020 summer school property taxes and by consensus the board approved the agreement.

Robbins presented the board with resolution 12122019; committee per diem compensation for the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Board of Review to be paid annually. Robbins made the motion to approve resolution 12122019 and supported by Rice. Roll call vote of the board was unanimous with five yes votes.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Alex Alspaugh remarked about tree bark that was not removed at the cemetery when a downed tree was removed. Barb Lockery remarked about potential hazard of trees along Tyler. Jim Gurr thanked the board and committee members for their service and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Teague made the motion to pay the bills and supported by Robbins and approved.

Adjournment by call of the chair at 7:48 PM.

Prepared by Helena Township Clerk: David Peterson David Peterson