Helena Twp Board Minutes – Feb 8, 2018

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Helena Township Board Meeting – 02/08/2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Rick Teague. Present: Rick Teague, David Peterson, Butch Bartz, Catherine Rice and Bonnie Robbins.  Motion to approve agenda by Robbins w/support by Bartz and motion carried.

Conflict of interest: None

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes: Motion by Rice w/support by Robbins and motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance as of December 31, 2017: $450,533.02                              

                                 Receipts: $124,206.84   Dispersed: $47,160.83

                                   Ending balance: $527,579.03

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Teague w/support by Bartz and motion carried.

Presentation of Bills: Jan. 1st-31; $36,101.20 and Feb. 1st-8th; $1,674.71

Speakers: None

Communications: Received letter from Laura Westerman with concerns of the fireworks loading at the ballpark.

Zoning: Molby gave annual zoning report and zoning report for January.

Planning Commission: Robbins reported that commission recommended a land use permit by use permitted by right for winemaking/Bliss Vineyards for Chad Bartz. Rice made the motion to approve the land use permit with support by Teague and the motion carried.

Ambulance Authority: No update

Parks: Ruth Smith reported that the five year plan is being worked on and tentative completion date of May for public comment and review by twp. board.

Roads: No update

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: Jim Gurr

Motion to pay bills: Robbins made the motion to pay the bills w/support by Teague and motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM Helena Township Clerk; David G. Peterson Jr.

David G. Peterson Jr.