Memorial Donation Procedure

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Memorial donations to Helena Township will be used for memorial bricks to be placed at Depot Park. The Helena Township (HT) treasurer will keep records of any funds received for memorials including the amount, donor(s) and person(s) being memorialized.

Requests for memorials will be processed by the Parks and Recreation (P&R) Committee. The Parks and Recreation Committee will approve the cost, verbiage on and placement of the memorial bricks at the Depot Park.

Any suggested donation that cannot be processed through the above memorial donation procedure is to be discussed by the P&R Committee with a recommendation concerning the donation to be sent to the HT Board.

Recommendations concerning memorial donations will be sent to the HT Board. If the memorial gift is accepted by the HT Board the gift is to be recognized in the HT meeting minutes.

HT is to send written acknowledgement of the amount of the memorial received to the person(s) giving the donation.

Any memorial placed on HT property in violation of this policy must be remedied by the person(s) responsible for the memorial.




                                                            Approved by Helena Township Board 05-09-2019