Parks and Recreation Minutes – February 1, 2016 (Special Meeting)


Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 02/01/2016 –                                     Approved 02-16-2016

In attendance: Steve Dell, Brad Gerlach, Ken Masck, Dave Peterson,& Ruth Smith
Absent: Mike Crawford, Jim Gurr, & Jan Loveland


The purpose of this special meeting was to discuss the bids for tennis court resurfacing and installation of a sidewalk.

  1. Recreational Passport Grant from DNR and bid packages: Bid packages were again discussed. Steve followed up with the engineer concerning the # of feet of lines to be repaired and the way this was outlined in the bid process. The engineer indicated each bidder was instructed to inspect the tennis courts before bidding.  A contractor who is awarded the bid is required to repair all of the cracks, even if the total exceeds 1500 linear feet. The committee voted to send a recommendation to the HT Board to accept the two lowest bids.

    Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith