Parks and Recreation Minutes – March 17, 2015

Meeting date: March 17, 2015                                                            approved 4-21-2015

Pk & Rec. members in attendance:  Jim Gurr, Steve Dell, , Jan Loveland, Ken Masck, & Dave Peterson  Also present Brad Gerlach . Absent:  Mike Crawford &.Ruth Smith

  1. Community Input: None.
  2. Minutes from 2/17/2015 meeting -approved as presented and will be published on the HT website.
    3. Information from the November Helena Twp. Mtg.: none presented.
    4. Recreational Passport Grant from DNR. Still in the works. Steve and Dave are to meet with an engineer to discuss mandated items that the engineer will need to handle in order for  the grant agreement to meet DNR requirements.  Information is to be presented to HT Board in March.
  3. Offer from Brad Gerlach to help with possible Coy Mtn. redesign. A survey is still needed at Coy Mt.Information on the Coy Mt. deed(s) will be presented at the April Pk & Rec.  Meeting.  No DNR ‘promise’ restrictions were found after looking over the former grant application.

    6. Discussion of possible improvements in the design, content & verbiage on Twn. signs. Dave presented further information on signs.

7 .  Discussion of park goals/ objectives – moved to April agenda.


  1. Subcommittee report – “Apps. to HT for Project” & Project App Rating forms– no report



  1. Check responsibilities of Pk & Rec. Comm. outlined in the current HT Master Plan – moved to April agenda.

Other Agenda Items:

Ken reported that he does not believe that Antrim County / Heidi Shaffer received a grant to fight invasive species. (land or water)

A Coy Mt. clean up day will be slated for May 16th at 9am.




Action Items needed / Individual Assignments:
Remain similar to those reported in the February minutes. A more completed review and update will be done in the May meeting minutes.

These items will continue to be carried forward until they are discussed by the Committee
1. March.  Discuss responsibilities of Parks and Recreation Committee as outlined in the HT Master plan.  To be discussed in April.
2. April – Discuss possible action steps for meeting goals of 5 Yr. Plan for each Park during the P&R Meeting.

  1. April – Deeds for Helena Twp. Park lands are to be reviewed for any use restrictions.
    4. May – discuss possible requests – park benches/work at Safe Harbor & Archie Valleau beach.
  2. May- Discuss ADA acceptable doors for the Comm. Center bathrooms.
  3. June – Discuss handicap parking in Helena Township.
    7. June – Talk about a possible future request for a low % millage to help fund our Parks. Stand alone or with a HT operational millage request.
    8. August – Review possible fee scale for the Depot Park

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, April 21st , 2015 – 3 PM at the Helena Township Offices.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith