Parks and Recreation Minutes – September 17, 2013

Minutes Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting – Alden Community Center
Meeting date: September 17, 2013                                                           approved 10-15, 20013

In attendance: Steve Dell, Jan Loveland, Carolyn Nowfel, & Ruth Smith.
Absent: Mike Crawford, Casey McDowell, & Dave Peterson

Community Input:
Some community input came to the Committee second hand via contact the person had with a township board member. Bob Robbins remarked that the community input was not on the HT website and Dan Rokentenetz had questions concerning the map included with the Parks and Rec. Five Year Plan.

Township board member, Cathy Rice, also gave a list of comments concerning the Five Year plan to the Committee. Since the plan has been approved these comments will be filed with other input locally to be reviewed when the current plan is revised or a new Five Year plan is begun.

Minutes from 08/20/2013 -approved as presented & will be published on the HT website.
Information from monthly Helena Twp. Mtg
The Veteran’s Memorial was approved with no start-up costs to be provided by the Township. The Parks and Recreation Five Year Plan was approved.

The Five Year plan was approved. Steve will work with Dave Peterson to have some hard copies of the plan printed. Steve will also work on completing the e-copy of the plan and seeing how the DNR would like the plan submitted.
The Parks and Recreation Committee meeting dates / times are not yet listed on the HT website. Ruth will follow-up to try to see that this information is added.
We did not work on prioritizing the future agenda items. A few items were added from the community input.


Rick Teague gave Steve a copy of a document from July 1988 which shows the transfer of jurisdiction to Helena Township of the portion of Valley Street described as follows:
That entire part of Valley Street lying west of the westerly boundary of Lake Street extended northerly, as shown on the Plat of Alden Park situated on Government Lots 3 and 4, Section 28, T29N, R8W, Helena Township, Antrim County, MI


Rick Teague has several items he wanted the Parks and Rec. Committee to consider. The first three items are being added to the future agenda items list:

  1. Suggesting that new equipment (picnic tables, benches, etc.) in our parks should not be wood.
  2. Determine if we can assess a rental fee for use of the depot.
  3. Determine a grant writing resource and consider a grant recommendation review committee

The issue of a map of parks and access sites being added to the community calendar is being referred back to the Township Board to address itself or refer to whoever constructs the calendar each year. Rick had already said that he would address the issue of an access key for the community center in case of emergencies.

A total list of all properties owned by Helena Township was provided to the board by Bob Logee. Steve will keep a copy.

Steve asked the Committee if they would approve his checking out the costs involved in redoing the tennis court surfaces in Tennis Court Park and asking the twp. Board’s approval to seek grant money from the GT Band. Those present supported this plan.


Action Items needed:

To talk with Dan Rokentenetz about his concerns with the map included with the Five Year plan.

To get hard copies of the Five Year plan printed

Jan: Talk with Bob Robbins Re: questions concerning public input on the plan not being on the website.

Mike: Volunteered to obtain some abstracts we might find useful.

1.The approved August minutes are to be sent to Joyce Looman for publishing online.
2. The September minutes need to be prepared for review by the Committee and will be sent to Rick after feedback from committee members.
3. Follow up to see that the Pks and Rec meeting times are added to Helena Township website.

Complete the e-copy of the 5-year plan.
Research costs of redoing the tennis court surfaces at Tennis Court Park and look into the grant process for grants from the GT Band.

These items will continue to be carried forward until they are discussed by the Committee
1. Deed restrictions for Helena Twp. Parks are to be reviewed. (Steve)
2. Riparian rights / possible review by township attorney (Dave)
3. Handicap parking in Helena Township (Discussion).
4. Research rules and laws governing road ending lake access sites (Steve, Ruth)
5. Discuss possible memo to the Township about developing a plan concerning reservation of usage for all Township Parks
6.Discuss possible memo to the Township concerning placing signs at all Parks to clarify Township ownership                         and whom to contact if there are questions concerning or problems with the Park
7. Further discuss Alden Safe Harbor and its park status / ownership – memo to Board?
8. Work to update the Parks and Recreation pages of the Helena Township web site.


  1. The Helena Township Master plan (Jan. 2010) mentions that a member of the planning commission will
    appoint one of its members to the Pk. & Rec. Committee.
    10. Mike mentioned the AAU Sports / Recreation Complex – Morey Complex- and suggested that they may be    looking to locate a similar complex in Northern Michigan.
    11. Look into the possibility of Flo McCormick (MI Assoc. of Counties) helping with writing any Pks. And Rec.
    grants. (Mike Crawford)
    12. Consider Keith Charters as a resource for Pk. & Rec. projects.
    13. Check responsibilities of Parks & Rec. Comm. outlined in the current HT Master Plan
    14. Any new equipment (picnic tables, benches, etc.) in our parks should not be made of wood (Rick)
    15. Determine if we can assess a rental fee for the depot. The building was funded by a grant from DNR.
    Would that preclude charging a fee for the use of the flatbed railcar, pavilion, etc. (Rick)
    16. Determine a grant writing resource and consider a grant recommendation review committee (P&R Committee – ?) that would review grants and give input to the Township Board (Rick)

The next regular monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15th, at 3 PM
respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 09-21-2013